Thursday’s Special: Tall

Do you like capturing tall people, animals, trees, buildings, or perhaps high mountains? If you do, show me something tall, or alternatively you can play with perspective and capture something that is not tall at all, but gives the impression of being such. You are also allowed artistic license so you may tackle “tall” idiomatically as in “standing tall” or “walking tall”. Wherever your inspiration for tall in photography may come from, your entries are awaited with interest and joy.


svjetionik u zalasku_crop-1_scaleMy photo shows the tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic, Veli Rat on Dugi Otok island
– click on the image to see the full size



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P.S. Speaking of lighthouses, there is a lady on WordPress that I like a lot who only recently discovered her talent for painting, and guess what her favourite subjects are lighthouses.


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