Thursday’s Special: Tall

Do you like capturing tall people, animals, trees, buildings, or perhaps high mountains? If you do, show me something tall, or alternatively you can play with perspective and capture something that is not tall at all, but gives the impression of being such. You are also allowed artistic license so you may tackle “tall” idiomatically as in “standing tall” or “walking tall”. Wherever your inspiration for tall in photography may come from, your entries are awaited with interest and joy.


svjetionik u zalasku_crop-1_scaleMy photo shows the tallest lighthouse in the Adriatic, Veli Rat on Dugi Otok island
– click on the image to see the full size



You are looking at the Thursday’s Special challenge post with the theme tall. If you want to join the challenge, leave me your links and link to this post.Β and most of all have fun!

P.S. Speaking of lighthouses, there is a lady on WordPress that I like a lot who only recently discovered her talent for painting, and guess what her favourite subjects are lighthouses.


Click on the links bellow to see entries for this challenge, and here is the slideshow of your contributions:

109 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Tall

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  5. Great photo. The sky behind adds to the sense of tallness. I didn’t immediately pick it as a light house but rather saw it as a rural scene with either silo or shot tower. I can see it now. Unusual to have a lighthouse without the water being a dominant feature. The music was enjoyable also.


    • Yes, it was difficult to capture it from the sea. I have a few shots for some time in the future that show it with a bit of water πŸ˜‰ Thank you very much for your positive feedback, Irene. Have a great weekend!

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  6. I love lighthouses. Every single one seems to have its own particular atmosphere and ‘story’, and in many cases, great drama too. This is a very fine shot, Paula, and intriguing, because at the moment you took it (and in a rather back-to-front way) the light is coming from the sea, and not from the lighthouse. But ah. Wait for nightfall, and then the light will shine out…


  7. Beautiful soft light and gently creeping colour, Paula. πŸ™‚ And then, of course, gentle caressing music to go with.
    Hope life is not being too mean this week, hon.


    • Hello Jo. It’s not the best of weeks or months (trying to get rid of a cold before the hay fever attack by having 8 hour sleep at night). I am glad you like the photo. It was taken the last week before my knee went bad.


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  12. Happy Thursday Paula. Loved the photo and especially the song too !


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  14. Loved the picture…And the background colors just intensifies the beauty of the entire picture.. πŸ™‚


  15. Agree with Sue ,about the impression of a rocket lifting off the ground ….
    Exceptional take , light and interpretation!
    Ciao Paula!


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  17. I am another lighthouse fan and this is a lovely image Paula, love the light. I will try and join in this week, but time is running out and I still have lots of packing and cleaning to do. I am NEVER moving again!

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  23. A bit late and hope you like my entry for this week’s challenge. Couldn’t resist including this photo. πŸ™‚ I love the lighthouse shot and the colors in the sky.


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