Sad looking or maybe just resignated to  a life in a few square meters; not easy to tell when looking at this captivated gibbon’s face. 

The texture of his hair and skin is fascinating, so much so that I decided to feature him for today’s photo theme TEXTURE.

Maybe you’d like to join me for this challenge and show your examples of texture in black and white. The deadline this time is next Saturday. 



**** The next Black & White Sunday will be on 17 December with the theme Traces of the Past, and there will be one more on the last day of this year with the theme After and Before

*** The music in this post is a wonderful example of different textures too 🙂


Please have  a look at these great examples of TEXTURE:

Black & White Sunday: Texture

For this theme you are invited to translate the tactile quality of the surface of an object into an image, and to make it black and white.

While considering texture for the challenge I stumbled upon an interesting quote by Paul Scott:

“The past becomes a texture, an ambience to our present.”


texture_bark_b_w-1_potpis scaled



I would very much like to see how you would interpret it (both the theme and the quote).


Click on the links bellow to check out entries to this challenge:



This sluggish camper hitched a ride on our car in Slovakian Tatras.





This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Black and White Photo Challenge : Texture

Our dear challenger Sonel has come up with another marvelous idea for her Black and White Photo Challenge: Texture. I’ve decided to show both, example of texture in music and in photograph 🙂 Happy Tuesday!