It’s PLAYTIME! It’s a weekend after a long and tiring week and some fun is needed. Show me your toys, things you play with, some relaxing time.

To take part in Black & White Sunday photo challenge you should post an image or more on today’s theme before next Sunday, link to this challenge post and leave a comment bellow. Wish you all some happy, playful time!

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Thursday’s Special: Robotic

Several hundred years into the future Earth is abandoned and covered in garbage left over from decades of mass consumerism.

Human race had been evacuated from the planet leaving behind WALL-E trash compactor robots to clean the Earth for its eventual return.



Since WALL-E is a creature of very few words, I will quote the Captain instead: “I DON’T WANT TO SURVIVE. I WANT TO LIVE.”



My first TS challenge in 2016 tackles the theme of robots, robotic behaviour and way of thinking.

In some ways we are all robots, aren’t we?

Be that as it may, robots too are entitled to some happiness.



I hope that this prompt will encourage you to respond to the theme. I look forward to your offerings, and please don’t forget to check out the themes for forthcoming events on Scheduled challenges page.


And here are the entries. Click on the titles bellow:

Don’t point, it’s rude, NOT

Let it snow

Cosmic Robot


Robotic arms through the ages




Transformers Invade Paris

Black & White Sunday: Playtime


peseki bez boje

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The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away

Here is the link to Sonel’s amazing toy collection, and her b&w challenge.


It’s weekend at last, and time to play!!! If it is ugly outside, take out your toys and stay at home!

This is my response to Jake’s challenge: Toys.

I hope you will enjoy the music too 🙂