Thursday’s Special: Robotic

Several hundred years into the future Earth is abandoned and covered in garbage left over from decades of mass consumerism.

Human race had been evacuated from the planet leaving behind WALL-E trash compactor robots to clean the Earth for its eventual return.



Since WALL-E is a creature of very few words, I will quote the Captain instead: “I DON’T WANT TO SURVIVE. I WANT TO LIVE.”



My first TS challenge in 2016 tackles the theme of robots, robotic behaviour and way of thinking.

In some ways we are all robots, aren’t we?

Be that as it may, robots too are entitled to some happiness.



I hope that this prompt will encourage you to respond to the theme.Β I lookΒ forward to your offerings, and please don’t forget to check out the themes for forthcoming events on Scheduled challenges page.


And here are the entries. Click on the titles bellow:

Don’t point, it’s rude, NOT

Let it snow

Cosmic Robot


Robotic arms through the ages




Transformers Invade Paris

66 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Robotic

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  2. Now this is a challenge I can’t begin to meet! I can’t even conceptualise possibilities let alone find or take a relevant photo. Although when the twins were born, my son-in-law said “Of course, your grandchildren will marry robots!” A great start to 2016, my friend.


      • I’m sorry Sue. It is not easy to come up with “new themes” twice a week all year around. That’s why I disclose the themes well in advance, but I absolutely agree this is a tough one. Maybe you’ll find something before next Thursday. You know of course that you can always find future themes on my “Scheduled challenges” page.

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          • I know you weren’t and I am sorry if I sounded too defensive. It’s just that every time I think of a possible theme, I think of what almost any photographer could respond to, and at the same time I am very entertained when I see people twist the theme into something possibly totally different ;). The floor is yours, and I am always happy to come and admire. xx

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  3. Your robot looks extremely affectionate. A great topic and you’ve made me want to read “I, Robot” again.
    Is Croatian for “work” similar to robot, by the way?


    • An excellent question, Debbie. Croatian for work is “rad” or verb “raditi” which is not as similar to “robot” as the old word “rabota” that was used historically to denote hard work as in feudalism. Wall-E is very affectionate πŸ™‚ Well noted!


    • Good luck with your exhibition, Allan πŸ™‚ I’d be glad if you can join, but don’t put any pressures on yourself.


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  6. Love the sound track, Paula, and I was entranced by the new Star Wars movie. My son is currently being followed by a small BB8. He may be just the thing! πŸ™‚


  7. I like the quote..I, too, want to live!! But the truth of it is that I’m not as active as I would like to be…sigh


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  10. You’ve given me something to ponder on this week. Very interesting. Loved the Wall-E film – despite the bleak setting. We do need to wake up from our robotic state πŸ™‚


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  13. Bonjour Paula et bonne AnnΓ©e Γ  toi aussi πŸ™‚
    Merci pour ton gentil coucou πŸ™‚
    J’ai ratΓ© le rv. d’hier. J’ai confondu mardi et vendredi πŸ˜€
    C’est bien moi. Pas grave, je note le prochain mardi πŸ˜‰
    Je reviendrai regarder les photos des participant(e)s


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