If you are anything like me three years ago, you are going to curse today’s theme. Since then, however, I developed a liking for unfocused in photography. I became aware of how nice it is to have your main subject isolated by shallow depth of field, how to accentuate parts of images by selective focusing, how to make model-like scenes imitating tilt and shift effect. My liking of the unfocused went a step farther. I decided to make the whole image unfocused and  liked the dreamy feel of it in the image that showcases a well-known symbol of my town. 

  You may take different approaches to this subject. You can take a photo where part of the image is unfocused or like me you can make it unfocused all the way. No matter how you obtained it, whether on purpose or by a  happy accident, show me the lack of focus or should I say – the presence of unfocused – in your images. 

In order to obtain unfocused  you may choose to focus in front or beyond your main subject and make sure to choose wide aperture. Also, try to use manual focusing mode to avoid camera’s attempt to find something to focus on.


©Paula Borkovic

♬ Zagreb izlazi na ocean – Jelena Radan 

This is Thursday’s Special photo challenge that takes place every Thursday. You are supposed to make a photo post on the given theme; (today it is UNFOCUSED), and to publish it before next Thursday. Make sure to provide a link to this post, and to leave a comment bellow. Happy Thursday, everybody! 

P.S. Don’t forget to check out last week’s TS with links to all the entries. 

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Weekly Photo Challenge: UNFOCUSED

Honesty, I am not in favour of this week’s theme. I am only learning photography and don’t own equipment suited for experimental shots, and naturally I discard all blurred and out of focus pics.

This one was taken on purpose with this challenge in mind. I chose the subject of a blurred text as I remembered studying for my university exams years ago. This should give a new meaning to the word “unfocused”.