If you are anything like me three years ago, you are going to curse today’s theme. Since then, however, I developed a liking for unfocused in photography. I became aware of how nice it is to have your main subject isolated by shallow depth of field, how to accentuate parts of images by selective focusing, how to make model-like scenes imitating tilt and shift effect. My liking of the unfocused went a step farther. I decided to make the whole image unfocused and  liked the dreamy feel of it in the image that showcases a well-known symbol of my town. 

  You may take different approaches to this subject. You can take a photo where part of the image is unfocused or like me you can make it unfocused all the way. No matter how you obtained it, whether on purpose or by a  happy accident, show me the lack of focus or should I say – the presence of unfocused – in your images. 

In order to obtain unfocused  you may choose to focus in front or beyond your main subject and make sure to choose wide aperture. Also, try to use manual focusing mode to avoid camera’s attempt to find something to focus on.


©Paula Borkovic

♬ Zagreb izlazi na ocean – Jelena Radan 

This is Thursday’s Special photo challenge that takes place every Thursday. You are supposed to make a photo post on the given theme; (today it is UNFOCUSED), and to publish it before next Thursday. Make sure to provide a link to this post, and to leave a comment bellow. Happy Thursday, everybody! 

P.S. Don’t forget to check out last week’s TS with links to all the entries. 

jupiter najnajnoviji

Check out unfocused entries for this challenge:


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  2. Love your abstract!!
    Lowe the way how it forces the mind to find recognizable pattern (I found face) in it, but it also permits the mind to enjoy it’s simplicity of form and color.

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    • I hope it is not my face, cause it is not a very pretty face :D. I hear you, simplicity is the key. I love its clean look, absence of details. Thank you, bumbarek.


  3. It’s impressive how those unfocused images can suggest lots of stuff.
    It’s obvious that they are more conceptual and abstract than focused images 😉

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  4. One photographer’s unfocused is another’s soft focus. I use a lot of it these days, especially in portraits, but often in landscapes where I want it to look more like a dream. Or a painting. Or an abstraction. The color in your photo is lovely. Glowing.

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    • Thank you, Marilyn. I am very glad that you like the theme, and I can tell you have already published your response. Yeah!!!


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    • That will teach you never to delete your stuff again :). I love your soft focus aquarelle like photos, Marilyn, and I am sure I would have loved your out of focus takes too. Thank you for your gorgeous entry.


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  8. I think I might have just the thing, I played around with ICM a year back, and also shots from a moving vehicle deliberately unfocused….I’ll be back!

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  10. I’d call it abstract art…
    As for the take ,I don’t think it’s a randomly captured image …….
    Colours and shades look wisely distributed , to obtain this final impact…
    Obviously I love it!

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  14. Ooh, yes! I am a fairly recent fan of the unfocused. I love macro shots where most of the image is out of focus, and I love playing with tilt and shift. I also sometimes deliberately press the button when I know the image is out of focus as in my lights on the harbour

    but my choice for today’s challenge is one I don’t often take – movement:

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  21. Dear Paula, that’s a wonderful abstract … you focused on the colours, so to speak. As for me, I had not much of an idea what to come up with – but then it just happened. I hope like my contribution… Take care & have a good week!

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