Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflection



Reflections always inspire me. Let’s see more here.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned


watch tower

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Weekly Photo Challenge: CULTURE

This challenge has made me think of a subject I shot a week ago. It is the old National and University Library of Croatia (most of us know it by this name) that was turned into Croatian State Archives some years ago. The library itself has been moved to one of those plain-looking steel and glass buildings in a newer part of the town, and I am not sure how well it is attended. I can say I was privileged to be a student in the late 1980’s when we had no computers, and sometimes had to roam the entire city in search of our text books. On one occasion I entered that old building and spent the entire afternoon there soaking in the atmosphere of old books and library lamps. The silence was overwhelming.

The building which used to host the national library dates back to 1913 and pertains to Secessionist architecture. The outer columns were decorated with owl figures, symbols of wisdom. You can see one of them zoomed in the photo below as well as its southern facade in the bottom picture.

Recently, I have found out that hubby’s great grandfather was in charge of putting the roof on the building when it was first built :).

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Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOUR

A year ago five young amateur artists in Zagreb launched an initiative dubbed as “Pimp My Pump” which implied decorating one of the most authentic town symbols, old street water pumps. The project included about 40 of such pumps placed all over the town, and one of them came to life in my street.

Apart from graffiti that are rather scarce in the town; the vandalising scribbling on historic buildings can hardly qualify as such, this is the one piece of street art that we can be proud of in Zagreb.



Weekly Photo Challenge: WRONG

Honestly, I never expected a challenge with WRONG theme… there are so many “wrong things” in this world, but most of us (I hope) when we go out there, try to see the beauty in everything. So, finding wrong is definitely not my approach when I am behind the camera. This made me very peeved when I opened the challenge notification mail to tell you the truth.

However, it happens that yesterday I was out taking photos and I did something “wrong” with my settings, and it turned out right, or it turned out wrong… whatever it is … RIGHT OR WRONG IS JUST A MATTER OF PERCEPTION!? Don’t you agree?

Here is my wrong deed for the day … or for the week (I hope). Let’s hope you shall see no more wrong from me 😉 Enjoy your weekend  the RIGHT way everybody!

Before I forget… here is music to enjoy … click on the link 11 – Borderline