Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOUR

A year ago five young amateur artists in Zagreb launched an initiative dubbed as “Pimp My Pump” which implied decorating one of the most authentic town symbols, old street water pumps. The project included about 40 of such pumps placed all over the town, and one of them came to life in my street.

Apart from graffiti that are rather scarce in the town; the vandalising scribbling on historic buildings can hardly qualify as such, this is the one piece of street art that we can be proud of in Zagreb.



65 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOUR

    • Yes, they had a wonderful idea, and I thought it was very apt for the theme. Much appreciated mon Drake 🙂


  1. What fun! Definitely different. I always love to check out your musical accompaniment and I had no idea what you’d be using to go with this, Paula. Have a good weekend.


    • Thank you Jo… I did not quite understand your question about my musical accompaniment… if you ask where the music is coming from – the answer is I am uploading my own music by paying extra for space on my blog 😉


    • Thank you Marianne 🙂 I have almost entered it for your challenge, but I have something more “poetic” for you ;). I only need to find the right musical accompaniment for it 😉


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  3. Great choice!!! That is so awesome, and so is the idea! Back home, in Sweden, they once did something similar to those dumpster garbage containers 🙂


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  5. jalal michael sabbagh.http://gravatar.com/jmsabbagh86@gmail.com

    Hi Paula, exquisite art well expressed.Jalal


  6. Great capture Paula! Have you ever thought about finding and photographing all 40? I think that would be kind of fun 😀


    • No, it is a street water pump. They are connected to the public water supply system and back a century ago were the only source of water for many households in the area. Thank you Allan 🙂


  7. Vous avez des fontaines très colorées ! 😀 C’est original et ça embellit la ville 🙂


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