Conscience of Logic

Thoughts flow in and out of my mind.

Trying to stop them, freeze them in time.

Must put them somewhere safe

Where they’ll do no more harm.


From work to an early grave!

I’ve just heard on the news that we are the oldest nation in Europe and that we will have to work till the age of 67 cause we will have no young work force to pay for our pensions :S They also told us that we were now paying high dues because in earlier decades our retirees used to retire in their 50s or even 40s!!!!!! In the meantime less babies are made and these are the consequences we’ll have to face.

I have a desk job and I am not planning on having dimentia or getting senile that early, but what will happen to people that work on roofs, that have physically dangerous and demanding jobs?!

Anyway, I remember some of my younger co-workers being scared of an older woman in our company that was 64 and still working. One day he stopped me in the corridor to ask me: “When is that scary granny of yours going to retire?” (btw she retired during the last lay offs). What was so scary about her I wondered? The fact that she did not dye her hair, or that she wore an evil grin on her face!? If that is what makes one scary then I can work on aging gracefully, I thought.. till I clicked the silly “see what you will look like in 20 to 30 years” web site to have a preview of my future. The result can’t be true, but here it is!!! 

Go on, have a laugh at my expense! 😀


And now the appropriate music:


If you want to hear the original (Croatian) version of this beautiful song that was “borrowed” by Bosnian-Serbian composer Goran Bregović and is sung in Polish (for reasons unknown to me) in the above link, please check out the video:

The lyrics: Rožica sem bila,
rožica već ne bum,
ko mi leto mine,
cvela više ne bum. (I was a rose, and rose I will not be, with the passing time, I will no longer blossom – my attempt at translation)

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Per ardua ad astra

News are served to us every day. The number of the unemployed is going higher. The government boasts with new solutions consisting in selling all the resources this country still has. That is their solution to our problems. Filling their own pockets, leaving people without work, and giving the built and ready to use infrastructure to foreign concession companies for use.

The whole thing disgusts me more than I can handle and it literally makes me sick to live it day after day, after day in fear of losing my job, the only means of living.

While we are standing here as silly figurines on a chessboard they are conceiving new plans how to make themselves famous and well taken care of by making new deals with foreign buyers.

This country is led by a bunch of crooks, unscrupulous morons that do not think further than ensuring their grandkids’ existence. This country rose from a bloody war of 5 years, with civilian victims almost surpassing the number of killed soldiers, and is lead into a dark future by war profiteers.

This post has no music or picture. It is a deafening silence and no vision that I see now.

Some bloggers used to ask me to write more about my country or if I would be interested in writing about the political situation on my blog and I said: “No”. This is exactly why. I did not want to do it to avoid posts like this; I had a hope of keeping my blog politics free, and as a place where I can switch off my mind of troublesome news and reality. Today, I could not manage to keep it safe.

Women’s only

The rain slowed down the city this morning. The traffic was dense and I was more than 15 minutes late.

Elevator took ages to come. Out of three elevators in a fairly new business building only one was functioning, but being late I thought there would be no lines. A few minutes had passed and a lady came bringing a tray of steaming hot cappuccinos from the company’s restaurant. She wanted to go up two floors. She entered the elevator after me, greeted me calling my name in diminutive and asked me how I was. I said: “Well, cramps..” and put on a sad, exhausted face. She looked at me in astonishment: “Why, how, what from?”, and I had no choice but to go on: “You know my monthly problems…”, “Ah”, she said with a pensive look, as if trying to recollect a distant memory …..

The elevator takes us two levels down instead of three levels up. There enters another woman, closer to my age – 5 years younger, not that she looks it, poor thing. There the two of them engage in a discussion about stair climbing and the effort of it. The older woman says: “I have already climbed them once this morning, and I am still sweating like a pig” (she only had to go to the second floor). The younger one says in a lively, chipper voice: “I know, I can’t do it either… oh, my heart…. “The older one shifts her glance to me and goes on: “You girls, you have no idea what is ahead of you”. (I wasn’t that interested to find out about the horrors of menopause… Can it be worse than my persistent cramps, dizzy spells, nausea and faintness that I experience for days every single month). The younger woman does not stop her rambling about elevators and the monstrous effort of climbing stairs. The older one still does not vacillate in her discourse, and at one point looking at me she utters: “You’ll see when it is gone”…to which the younger woman adds: “It has already gone”.. With a bewildered look on her face, the older one needs convincing: “Has it already?”, the younger confirms: “Oh yes”. The older lady exits the elevator, leaving me alone with the younger one that is still lamenting about her heart and her loss of stamina.

Looking at her, I am trying to explain: “Viv, she was talking about menopause, she thought you had lost your period, got it?” The girl looks at me in surprise still trying to catch a breath from the exhaustion of having to wait for the elevator… “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

The next stop is mine.

On my exit I give her a compassionate glance: “I have tachycardia too, you know”.

P.S. Sangen i en stor norsk stemme er for Dina. 😀