Per ardua ad astra

News are served to us every day. The number of the unemployed is going higher. The government boasts with new solutions consisting in selling all the resources this country still has. That is their solution to our problems. Filling their own pockets, leaving people without work, and giving the built and ready to use infrastructure to foreign concession companies for use.

The whole thing disgusts me more than I can handle and it literally makes me sick to live it day after day, after day in fear of losing my job, the only means of living.

While we are standing here as silly figurines on a chessboard they are conceiving new plans how to make themselves famous and well taken care of by making new deals with foreign buyers.

This country is led by a bunch of crooks, unscrupulous morons that do not think further than ensuring their grandkids’ existence. This country rose from a bloody war of 5 years, with civilian victims almost surpassing the number of killed soldiers, and is lead into a dark future by war profiteers.

This post has no music or picture. It is a deafening silence and no vision that I see now.

Some bloggers used to ask me to write more about my country or if I would be interested in writing about the political situation on my blog and I said: “No”. This is exactly why. I did not want to do it to avoid posts like this; I had a hope of keeping my blog politics free, and as a place where I can switch off my mind of troublesome news and reality. Today, I could not manage to keep it safe.

49 Comments on “Per ardua ad astra

  1. We cannot trust others, regardless of their competence, with the things that are most dear to us. Responsibility (the ability to respond) always starts with ourselves – not others – whether it concerns our survival, building a community or even a country and its economy.

    Voicing your frustration is action too. Good for you. Its all about action.


  2. I totally relate to your feelings Paula.
    That is the reason I hate writing about my country too. It always ends up sounding cynical Am tying hard to focus on the beauty for a change πŸ™‚


    • I did not vote for the current government, and I did not vote for the previous one either. I am against the ideology of the party that preceeded the current one, but they were trying to mend some things from their predecessors and lost some of the arrogance towards the end of their mandate. These however behave much worse than I had anticipated, and I knew they would be scumbags, arrogant, thieving scumbags. We talked the other day about not passing judgements, but when things are wrong and when a handful of people are responsible for the destiny of a nation they deserve any judgement that comes their way. I am losing faith.


  3. I get boiled when I talked about politics. These people are voted to run the government because people believe they can be relied on. Once they are there, they work against people… It’s so sad when you lose your faith.


  4. Well said Paula! Yes, we all get the news and political opinion from those in power but so good to hear your voice, as much as it pains you to do so and to have to cope with the situation as it is. The US news is full of elections, Obamacare and problems in the US and the Middle East, very little from your part of the world but of course we will all know if, God forbid, it blows up. My absolute best wishes to you!


  5. I do not enjoy discussing politics because the topic makes me angry as well. What I see are politicians who waste a lot of money and who are paid huge amounts for working so little. Sometimes it is better for my own sanity if I do not watch/listen to the news too much.


    • I tried to avoid watching it too often, but the national politics is too related to my life right now – it is very close to home, and I can’t have the luxury not to think about it any more. Thank you, Colline.


  6. Whether all of us “regular” people like to talk about politics or not
    – so politics much too important for us to leave it to politicians..!

    We are miserable to set requirements for them and so they bluffing us.

    Well roared, Paula… πŸ™‚


    • People should act and react. I am waiting for a petition to collect signatures for a referendum against giving our motorway network to a concession. The newsmen and the psychologists say it will not change a thing that this nation is too passive and uninterested to changing anything, but I am going to sign the trade union’s petition. This country built the network and has no money to repay the loans or so the government says – bloody thieves, and now they are selling it, and are firing several thousand people at once – a huge number for 4.5 million population with a small percentage of work force. Thank you for reading me Drake.


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  8. Very well written Paula. The politicians first stole time and money from our forefathers to build shit, and then they steal it from us again decades later.
    I’m pro death penalty for treacherous politicians that betray their own country.


    • There was a Minister of Transport in my country some years ago, while I was very busy in my company and working on some projects that were not part of our business activity .. I had to obey and play dumb… consecutive translations, going to field trips on a seaport site – I only met state secretary at that point, but I had a feeling large amount of money was embezzeled through the company I work for. Today, the guy that ordered me to work on that is in prison – he was the member of our board of directors for financing, and the ex chairman of the supervisory board too, but the ex minister (today the mayor of our most developed coastal town) is still intact. Many suspect that he was the culprit, and though his party (HDZ) is no longer the ruling party he seems to be safe. I want HIM in prison too, though he is a very charming bastard. I had several meetings and one lunch with him.


  9. Thanks for voicing your opinion, Paula. It’s sad and frustrating indeed. I very much hope that you’ll keep your work. What a burden to live with a fear like this! “Deafening silence” will ring n my ears today.
    Big hug.
    Dina x


  10. I’m proud you wrote this and do continue to voice your opinion but the way Paula should. With a picture and music of course. What you’ve written here is unfortunately relevant in 9 out of 10 countries and we all share the same pain.


  11. . . . I keep waiting for a passing Firefly for me to hitch a ride on, but I’ll take any ship. I’ll even go as food, provided they wait 25 years or so.


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