Per ardua ad astra

News are served to us every day. The number of the unemployed is going higher. The government boasts with new solutions consisting in selling all the resources this country still has. That is their solution to our problems. Filling their own pockets, leaving people without work, and giving the built and ready to use infrastructure to foreign concession companies for use.

The whole thing disgusts me more than I can handle and it literally makes me sick to live it day after day, after day in fear of losing my job, the only means of living.

While we are standing here as silly figurines on a chessboard they are conceiving new plans how to make themselves famous and well taken care of by making new deals with foreign buyers.

This country is led by a bunch of crooks, unscrupulous morons that do not think further than ensuring their grandkids’ existence. This country rose from a bloody war of 5 years, with civilian victims almost surpassing the number of killed soldiers, and is lead into a dark future by war profiteers.

This post has no music or picture. It is a deafening silence and no vision that I see now.

Some bloggers used to ask me to write more about my country or if I would be interested in writing about the political situation on my blog and I said: “No”. This is exactly why. I did not want to do it to avoid posts like this; I had a hope of keeping my blog politics free, and as a place where I can switch off my mind of troublesome news and reality. Today, I could not manage to keep it safe.

Weekly Photo Challenge: RESOLVED

When I first saw this week’s photo challenge theme I was resolved not to participate, but then I changed my mind :D.

Here are some snaps of the street demonstrations in Rome which I witnessed in late November last year. This group of young people were resolved to change their government and they managed to do so.

I wish my nation was this resolved.







LIKES (dislikes) / RATES (indifference) / AWARDS (votes)

A thought has been brewing in my mind recently…

It all ties on what I’ve posted earlier in the post entitled Isolation quoting Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa “Freedom is the possibility of isolation. You are free if you can withdraw from people, not having to seek them out for the sake of money, company, love, glory or curiosity, none of which can thrive in silence and solitude. If you can’t live alone, you were born a slave.“

Supposedly, one should be happy living alone, having his/her own thoughts, ideas, tastes and likes…and therefore we should all be self-sufficient, and independent, but the human condition is such that we are programmed to seek the approval, appreciation and support of others…. It is understandable, human and well, … I can relate to that.

All this ”bloggers’ awards“ mess made me think about the reason, the motive behind the whole scheme. Is it a genuine appreciation of someone’s blog, a real admiration of what another person has to offer….? Honestly, I don’t think that is it; not in every case …

It is not a simple appreciation or admiration for a person’s blog or views or individual posts… Unfortunately, I see it as an attempt to achieve false popularity, to gain support and votes. Sorry guys, but doesn’t it look a bit like politics and pre-election charade…

I don’t want to end this in a sour tone, not cause I am a hypocrite, but cause of my naive belief that there are some real, genuine people out there that when entering someone’s site really read and look what is posted and not just pretend to “like” in order to trade “votes”…

This glass of Amaro and the attached music is for them.