LIKES (dislikes) / RATES (indifference) / AWARDS (votes)

A thought has been brewing in my mind recently…

It all ties on what I’ve posted earlier in the post entitled Isolation quoting Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa “Freedom is the possibility of isolation. You are free if you can withdraw from people, not having to seek them out for the sake of money, company, love, glory or curiosity, none of which can thrive in silence and solitude. If you can’t live alone, you were born a slave.“

Supposedly, one should be happy living alone, having his/her own thoughts, ideas, tastes and likes…and therefore we should all be self-sufficient, and independent, but the human condition is such that we are programmed to seek the approval, appreciation and support of others…. It is understandable, human and well, … I can relate to that.

All this ”bloggers’ awards“ mess made me think about the reason, the motive behind the whole scheme. Is it a genuine appreciation of someone’s blog, a real admiration of what another person has to offer….? Honestly, I don’t think that is it; not in every case …

It is not a simple appreciation or admiration for a person’s blog or views or individual posts… Unfortunately, I see it as an attempt to achieve false popularity, to gain support and votes. Sorry guys, but doesn’t it look a bit like politics and pre-election charade…

I don’t want to end this in a sour tone, not cause I am a hypocrite, but cause of my naive belief that there are some real, genuine people out there that when entering someone’s site really read and look what is posted and not just pretend to “like” in order to trade “votes”…

This glass of Amaro and the attached music is for them.


Versatile Blogger Award – Take 2

Hey guys, I am on the roll here… two nominations in one day – this should flatter anyone – and my second nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Dear pinay e-motion  I am sorry to be a disappointment, but I have already declined the same generous award a few weeks ago, and what matters to me most is that you enjoy what I have to offer here and that you visit me and find inspiration in my posts.

Please, receive my thanks and understand that I will have to decline it again.

We are here to write logs about what we know or do or feel and for me giving an award to someone’s personal place would be like evaluating someone’s life and I don’t feel comfortable accepting it. Nevertheless, I am immensely flattered and honoured with your generous gesture.

I usually thank my nominators with a picture and a song…

And this song and picture have been chosen especially for you wishing you love and happiness for ever.

04 – Cannonball (click on the link on the left to listen to the song)

Lovely Blog Award

Thank you Renee and Pallas  for the nomination. You guys are great, and I really appreciate your gesture, but I have to refuse this one just as I did not so long ago with the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you for keeping in touch and visiting my blog.

This one is for you 🙂

11 – Heart of Gold (click on the link on the left for a listen)

Versatile Blogger Award

Blogger awards…. flattering, exciting, gratifying – sure all of the above. Coming from a nice person whose blog intrigues and inspires me, even better.

Michael aka Picture-Bandit recommended my blog as “if that is not versatile, I don’t know what is“ and made me laugh and smile and as far as I am concerned it served the purpose.

Will I decline it? Sadly, I must. It is not just because I feel pressure building up, it is cause I don’t believe in competing, not about blogging… it is all so relative, so subjective and what inspires me does not have to inspire the next person.

Anyway, this recommendation on P-B’s page made me discover some nice bloggers that deserve to be known as persons as well or so it seems to me now :).

Thank you P-B for the nomination, for seeing something on my page that inspires you. We are here to have fun, to stream our lives to some things that will make it even better.

01 – Sea Change