Versatile Blogger Award

Blogger awards…. flattering, exciting, gratifying – sure all of the above. Coming from a nice person whose blog intrigues and inspires me, even better.

Michael aka Picture-Bandit recommended my blog as “if that is not versatile, I don’t know what is“ and made me laugh and smile and as far as I am concerned it served the purpose.

Will I decline it? Sadly, I must. It is not just because I feel pressure building up, it is cause I don’t believe in competing, not about blogging… it is all so relative, so subjective and what inspires me does not have to inspire the next person.

Anyway, this recommendation on P-B’s page made me discover some nice bloggers that deserve to be known as persons as well or so it seems to me now :).

Thank you P-B for the nomination, for seeing something on my page that inspires you. We are here to have fun, to stream our lives to some things that will make it even better.

01 – Sea Change

28 Comments on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I think you have it down pat. I am also not one for competing but I realized for myself that such an award is just a nice way of complimenting someone and making other people aware of what you think is worth the time.


    • I know you are not competitive either Michael and I really appreciate it and am both surprised and flattered and I also thank you for letting me discover some really nice bloggers through this award thing :). You have singled out some really nice blogs :). Keep in touch.


    • Thank you very much Anne 🙂 I am really flattered with P-B’s nomination but I will not accept it. There are so many happy bloggers out there and I don’t like being singled out. Still, it is always nice to see that people like what they see and read :).


    • Again, you are the first one to notice something uncommented on my blog 🙂 :D. You have a great eye Nate 😀 Thank you. I like the way it turned out, perfect landscape, perfect light, perfect mood in me and around me and my tiny ixus not failing me 🙂


  2. Gorgeous picture Paula! Agree with you about the awards. I struggled with it, but in the end decided to accept it in the spirit it was proferred. Love your blog anyways!


    • Thank you so much Leti 🙂 Now, I’ve spent 20 $ to make my foto sing ;). Care to check out?


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  4. Great great shot,… 😉

    About the award pro contra talk – in my eyes – so long it’s some from one blogger to an other blogger – then is just like a extra large compliment – it’s not the main course to be here and hopefully it doesn’t change either the awarded blogger or the awarding blogger – if it was something systematic jury’like then I would be straight against it – but said with a big twinkle in his eye so I don’t understand the difference in saying no to a compliment (as a blogger award is) and saying yes to the “like” key – it’s a compliment too – even comments are often a compliment… ‘smile’

    It’s just friendly banter on my part – I could not resist … 😉

    But you take, in my eyes, some good photos – so I’ve put your blog on my “Reader List” – oops it’s indeed a compliment … ‘smile’


    • Thank you … I can see your point… it can be very well interpreted as you said it… If you care, I propose you to read my reply to my latest nominator under post – Versatile Blogger Award – Take 2 (where I explain in detail how I feel about nominations and being rated on the subject). Your input is very much appreciated. I am sleepy now but will make sure to give you a visit tomorrow 🙂


    • Have I thanked you for this before?
      I am going through my comments list now, and I am amazed at how many I have missed.
      I like your photos too Drake 😀


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