Versatile Blogger Award – Take 2

Hey guys, I am on the roll here… two nominations in one day – this should flatter anyone – and my second nomination for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Dear pinay e-motion  I am sorry to be a disappointment, but I have already declined the same generous award a few weeks ago, and what matters to me most is that you enjoy what I have to offer here and that you visit me and find inspiration in my posts.

Please, receive my thanks and understand that I will have to decline it again.

We are here to write logs about what we know or do or feel and for me giving an award to someone’s personal place would be like evaluating someone’s life and I don’t feel comfortable accepting it. Nevertheless, I am immensely flattered and honoured with your generous gesture.

I usually thank my nominators with a picture and a song…

And this song and picture have been chosen especially for you wishing you love and happiness for ever.

04 – Cannonball (click on the link on the left to listen to the song)

22 Comments on “Versatile Blogger Award – Take 2

    • Thank you Madhu… the good thing about these nominations (though I am declining them) is that one can see people appreciating one’s posts and secondly (in my case) it makes me think what photo and music to post in order to thank them ;). I hope you liked my birdie shot in a cafe bar on the island of Capri in Italy past December… it was quite an experience to see that beautiful island, to taste most delicious food and finally to rest in a cosy bar with nice white doves making me company on coffee tables 🙂


  1. I like very much pigeons.
    I wanted to have some but I couldn’t, for various reasons. When I saw they on our streets or flying above us I’m so happy.
    This pigeon has a nice look.


    • Then you must like the one on my balcony too ;)… the one appearing in my “creative” post 😉


    • Thank you Allan, but have you read my opinion on that? I would really wish to know….. Unfortunately most of the “awarding” process here is conducted with ulterior motives….


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