SUNDAY POST: Collectibles

This photo should have turned out differently in my head, but something was against me today, and my obsessive nature told me to wait no longer and after all the effort (obsessing), and thought I had put into it I had to publish it. So, here it is – a photo of my most treasured collectibles – books, that have made me company my whole life. I am sure all of you book worms out there will understand the connection between a reader and their books.

And here follow some quotes about books… I am curious as to which one of the following reflects best your relationship with books:

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,” said Jojen. “The man who never reads lives only one.” ― George R.R. Martin, A Dance with Dragons

“Clearly one must read every good book at least once every ten years.” ― C.S. Lewis

“Maybe this is why we read, and why in moments of darkness we return to books: to find words for what we already know.” ― Alberto Manguel, A Reading Diary: A Passionate Reader’s Reflections on a Year of Books

“Life is too short to read books that I’m not enjoying.” ― Melissa Marr

“Maybe reading was just a way to make her feel less alone, to keep her company. When you read something you are stopped, the moment is stayed, you can sometimes be there more fully than you can in your real life.” ― Helen Humphreys, Coventry

“I have always been passionate about travelling. Credits to the books for they were invented. If not, I might not be able to reach my dream.” ― Haidy Santos

“Each time we come to a book we give it a different reading because we bring a different person to it. It is not you who reads the book, the book reads you” ― Jack Lasenby, The Shaman And The Droll

I feel closest to Manguel’s and Lasenby’s sentiments. How about you?


And now a shot of a small part of my collection 😉

48 Comments on “SUNDAY POST: Collectibles

  1. Bravo! I can see you curled up nice and snug, reading one of your treasures, perhaps at night just before sleep overtakes you.

    I would have to say the Martin quote best fits me. Every book I’ve read is a different adventure in my mind.


    • Thank you Jeffo… for everything.. and for taking time to read the quotes :). I am at peace now after reading your raving review, and am ready to turn in. Wish you a lazy evening… You deserve one. x


  2. Sunday post? it’s still Saturday night here 🙂 It’s funny with these time differences.
    Apropos time: I don’t have enough time to read books these days…


    • Well, as far as I know we are only two hours apart, and I published my post just half an hour before midnight ;). You have no time to read books, but you do read crapy blogs 😉


  3. Your “library” photo, you could have shot at my place as well, I’ve started several books the same time – both fun, professional and business amomg each other… ‘hahaha’

    The danish writer, actor, artist, songwriter, painter and a lots of other things Robert Storm Petersen (1882-1949) once said “You can learn really much from qoutes, but no one do”… 😉

    I think that I’m closest to Manguel’s and Lasenby’s sentiments to – most Lasenby because I always think “what will this tell me or learn me” and sometimes I even listen… ‘hahaha’

    Every thing I hear or read, I always ask my self “why would they tell me this” – not with a negative approach at all – absolutely positively critical – but it may be more critical than positive, if I find out a hidden agenda – which is false… 😉


    • 😀 😀 books as anything else for that matter are to be taken with a grain of salt…. no one’s mind is better than ours I think, we should keep our own and read to see what others have to say, not to instantly adopt everything. Don’t you think? 🙂


      • Totally agree – the truth books or not always looks different after where you stand, so one can say that there’s at least 3 truth “you way, my way and the right way” – the word “objective” is greatly exaggerated – almost everything is subjective – and it’s very good in my eyes – do not like, when other people’s truths presented as THE truth in general – even not my own… ‘hahaha’


  4. Here´s a great travel/book related quote that I swear by:

    “The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” ~ Saint Augustine


  5. Wonderful post Paula….and truly love this image. I have thought about doing a ‘book portrait’ myself — but I was going to feature the dozens of medical texts i have accumulated over 20 years trying to understand my conditions. I like fun books ~poetry and novels ~ much better 🙂 xo


    • I have not been ill as you are dear and somehow I get hooked on all the medical and health stuff too… you do whatever feels best for you. You know I am not sucker for poetry but every once in a while I stop to read your verses as they come straight from the heart. Keep it up girl! You are loved.


  6. Thank you, Paula…there are many like-minded souls out there…including me. 🙂
    I inhaled books as a child…and they are still like air to me…and I try to pass along that passion to young children to help them become readers and lovers of books…books are a window to the world for young children…like a passport that needs no visa stamps or official sanctions.
    My post was about books also. 🙂


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  8. Paula,
    I’m with you on this! I would say the Manguel and Lasenby quotes are the ones that stand out for me.


  9. Yes… Nothing can be compared to reading a book. You are free to have your interpretation of the words, your own little world… And no one and nothing can disturb those precious moments….


  10. It was worth your agonising and effort, Paula. It’s a great photo and though none of those quotes say it exactly for me, there are elements of truth in all.


  11. I am not much of a photographer but a painter and i reallly liked violet flowers..beautiful and i listend enigma..i love it and writing this while listening


    • Hello and thank you so much. I am glad you like my purple post and the music 🙂 The only thing that puzzles me is why this comment appeared under my collectibles post :S. I hope it is not some Word Press mix up.


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