Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE

Being the combination of the warmest and coolest colours in the spectrum, purple is believed to be the ideal colour. The colour of balance, meditation, of spiritual fulfillment – between mind and heart …

Listen to this track by Enigma Enigma_-_11_-_Between_Mind_And_Heart[mp3lemon.net]

Are the following purple enough for you? 😉

I give you a purple haze

 And a purple heart  

64 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: PURPLE

          • Yes and no – in my eyes… 😉

            Beauty is a common sum of many things – a good ass alone isn’t enough… ‘hahaha’


            • Yes, I’ve heard about your thing about asses before :S :D… I have come to think a while back that people are exactly what they look like … when I say that I am not referring to ass in particular more to a face – face can tell a lot ….


              • ‘hahaha’ – the truth, and it’s really are the truth, is that the first thing I look for – is the eyes of the woman – the next only 2nd… ‘hahaha’

                So I agree a bit with you, only I think it’s more the eyes than the face… ‘smile’


                • Yup, face without the eyes is just as good as ass 😀 😀 😀 (I love to make myself laugh – even at the expense of others – thank you for making it possible for me my friend Drake – nice face and eyes btw – in spite of being photographed for a passport :P)


                  • The photo was shot, because when me and my friends came to the Central Station in the middle of the night after watching Metallica and after taking care of a beer or 2 – looking at the empty automatic photoshop – I said when there wasn’t any ladies at that shop so there was none ladies in town at all – because there was always girls around these shops… ‘said with humor’

                    – the my friends said that I was too ugly so my portrait could catch the paper… 😉

                    That’s the reason for the photo… ‘hahaha’


  1. Very purple, which as my favorite color is always a good thing 🙂
    I particularly like the composition and detail in the second one, but then there’s the softness to the first one… which to choose, which to choose? Both are so nice.

    Excellent use of DOF in both of them!


    • 😀 Thank you Jeffo … I am a photographic genius ;), so much that I had to check out what DOF stands for 😀 😀 😀


      • You don’t have to know what it stands for to use it so well.

        For what it’s worth I meant Doubly Orange Football 😛


              • The images are even better than the song. Every time I read your answer to the weekly challenge I know I’m going to see something better than the last. This time however you have really outdone yourself. I have also decided, after looking at them several times, the second one is truly my favorite. I wish it were mine. 🙂


                • Awwww, this will make my headache go away…. To tell you the truth I have been staring in the second one for hours… the first two hours I was getting just so full of myself, and the following two I decided it is just some average quality shot… what is the lesson I’ve learned – don’t look at your own photos for more than two hours in a row :D. Thank you Jeffo… I hope I will continue amazing you, but please don’t set the bar TOO high 😉 xo


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  3. Great shot Paula. I like it a lot the way, you have interpreted this color “Purple” with these pictures,


      • Cats are not scary, that flower sure is though! I am well, a hot week here so trying to stay cool in door. You?


        • Oh, sorry to hear that sweetie.. it is hot and humid here too, I am having my raspberry icecream now in spite of my sore throat … cat subject is an endless topic of discussion – I had some scary experience with them when I was little ;). My flower is pretty 😛


          • I have eaten too much ice cream in the past week, trying to start my week off with none, don’t think I can last the entire week though. What’s the name of that flower, do you know?


            • A blogger today asked me if it was a cornflower, and I had to search on google and it really looks like a cornflower though hubby and I are sure it is not. We used some search engine to identify it, but it is still a mystery. Since it growths in the Alps you are safe….


  4. The purple heart is absolutely gorgeous! Beautifully interpreted Paula.
    What lens do you use for the closeups?


    • Thank you Madhu 🙂 the funny thing is so far nobody but you got the referrence about haze and heart and there are so many native English speakers here :S. I have Canon PowerShot G1 x, but on the first one I used also a macro filter NL-10 B+W and on the second one NL-5. My first try 🙂 Requires a lot of patience, but it absorbed me completely 🙂


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