Weekly Photo Challenge: DELICATE

Hanging by its last parachutes

Delicate, and about to break

Left alone to forces of nature or society

Broken like a dandelion.  (Paula)




59 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: DELICATE

  1. Nature is beautiful in million of ways.Greetings.jalal


    • Anna, when I click on your link here it is supposed to take me to your blog but it links to your first blog trial … milanese blog.. There must be a way to link this to your current blog. Do you have a gravatar profile?


  2. Delicate, about to break… and thus creating new life. Strong and fragile.
    Beautiful photo and poem, Paula *hugs* I hope you are feeling better. And warmer!


    • I appreciate this Mar… I’d better not start telling you about how I feel now…. this blog would turn into a very pityful place.. My picture and my words say it for me ……


      • Then let me hold you close and tight. It will become better, darling, really it will. Hang in there and don’t let them drag you down! You are too good for them.


  3. Fabulous thoughts for the theme, Paula. Very moving indeed.I think we’ve all felt like that at some time in our lives. I’ve always loved dandelions, and thought it such a shame that they are classified as weeds.


    • Yes, they should be appreciated as the most beautiful flower 🙂 I am happy you like my words.. I never write poems … this is only my second one on this blog 😀 (the first one was for Marianne’s windows ;))


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    • 😀 I don’t write poetry Patti … I just get an urge every now and then to say something … thank you for calling it poetry. Big hugs to you my dear.


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  6. Loved the poem as much as your stunning image Paula, perhaps even more! Hope the new year blows away the melancholy and ushers in good cheer 🙂


    • Hello Madhu … I’ve lost track of you for some time due to your travels and my hectic life … will mend that soon. You flatter me dear, but I’ll trust your judgement and will not make you listen to the soppy song as well 😉 Thank you ….


  7. Awesome poem, Paula! Now I got something to re-share 😀 Love that you include “society” there. Witty and very well thought.


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