Un Sognu Pè Campà / Un Rêve Pour Vivre

I have always looked forward to Autumn, but this year I would like to have my late Corsican Summer back. Here is my dream as I have lived it and hope to live it again.



This post has been prompted by Daily Post: Childlike.

40 Comments on “Un Sognu Pè Campà / Un Rêve Pour Vivre

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  2. You will return to where you dream of Paula, only it will be a few months and it will be back… and the music is out of this world…


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  5. You look so carefree and happy, Paula. 🙂
    I can’t seem to find my Autumn enchantment this year either. Dull, wet days don’t help (but I get lots of writing done 🙂 )


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    • Indeed .. Summer at its best.. It was actually the last day of Summer on the most beautiful beach of Corsica 🙂


  9. Excellent captured – didn’t know there was pretty croatian mermaids in the water around Corsica. will absolutly look for them next time… 🙂 😉


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