Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of Heavens


san firenzu_sunset -1

61 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue of Heavens

    • I was so happy to see that sunset 🙂 From my home I rarely see it as it is clouded by skyscrapers ;). Thank you for your nice comment, Uday 🙂


    • Oh yes, I am sorry Bams. I was just thinking about you the other day, that I have to pay you a visit. I go on holidays and I lose track …. Will mend that!


    • My dear Sylvia, sorry for thanking you so late for this beautiful comment. Sometimes I get very busy and distracted. I think this music is a perfect demonstration of how I felt while watching this sunset in person 🙂


    • I appreciate this Bulldog. Sorry if I don’t pay much attention these past days – my work has been crazy (overtime) and here is another business trip I have to go on…


    • Thank you Ajay, really. I will make sure to see your post when I get back from my business trip. This week has been/is crazy!


  1. Multi-hued, Paula- a little like you 🙂 I was trying to capture a sunrise from my front window just a few minutes ago but it was dismal compared to this. Beautiful mournful violin too. Have a lovely Sunday!


  2. I love both of them, dear Paula, image and music, a great choice!
    Happy Sunday greetings to you from Cambridge


    • I tried to reply a couple of days ago via my cell phone but without success. Thank you so much Phil and my regards to your friend 🙂


  3. Incredible shot, the colours are amazing! I love sunset shots where the landscape is completely dark in shadow, such a contrast.


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