Thursday’s Special: è u tempu sà (and the time knows)


When I saw this bunker on Corsica from WWII I thought of the Cardinal. It looks like something he would have loved to photograph 😉


And here it is from a different angle. I like this one better.


I hope you will like the beautiful Corsican music I attached above 🙂

**About Thursday’s Special: It is a ‘non-challenge’ challenge that appeals to bloggers eager to wake up their creativity and show their own ideas and interpretation of the world. I invite everybody interested to join in. There are no themes, titles and techniques set for your expression, there are no limits and restrictions (no red tape whatsoever). The only thing required is to post a photo post on Thursdays entitled “Thursday’s Special: (your theme/title)” (as explained in my Thursday’s Special introductory post), to provide a link to my Thursday’s Special post, and to leave a link to your post in the comments section of my post. If you like Thursday’s Special widget, feel free to grab it and post it on your blog.


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73 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: è u tempu sà (and the time knows)

  1. I love the first one most, it’s amazing. I also love the music, it’s the kind of music I like, among others. Thank you for sharing.


      • That is that’s quite a compliment, Paula! You are one of the few always think outside of the box 🙂 Hope your trip went well. Have a relaxing weekend 🙂


        • Thank you for asking Amy. It went better than I had expected and with this job situation in my country I am happy to see when they want to make me work overtime :). Make the most out of your weekend! The temperatures must be moderate by now?


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  3. Thank you very much for the mention Paula, I’m deeply honored. You’re right, I would have loved to photograph around that bunker, it looks like a good location for a fashion shoot.


    • Min glede 😀 I can very well imagine some of the mannequins you’ve posted earlier this year in this surrounding 😉


    • Your visit to Krakow was so productive 🙂 I have expected a great entry from you, but not this. Totally mind-blowing 🙂 Thank you!


  4. I’m with what Arjun says. These are wonderful photos Paula. I’m so glad you started your Thursday Special challenge.


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  6. Quite different! I like the second, prettier shot, but admire the technique of the first.
    Finding this hard to sing along to (smile!) 🙂


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    • Funny that you mentioned the word “die” next to a bunker :D. Sono contenta che te piace 🙂 Ciao Alessandro!


  9. The first one is so dramatic with those exploding clouds and graffiti whereas the second, with the lookouts, is so haunting. The stories in those walls!


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    • :D… keep on with the great comments 😀 I have already decided to dedicate a pic to you on my blog this month 😀


      • It sure isn’t going to be too difficult, with the photos you’ve been sharing, you make it easy to leave nice comments.

        Dedicated to me? I’m both flattered and honored. 🙂


  11. I think I prefer the colours in the first shot. But I also really like the second because it gives you much more context on the location of the bunker set into the hills like that. Great to see it from two different angles.


    • 🙂 the majority prefers the first HDR one 🙂 and it is understandable with that sky bursting out of it. I find the second one more poetic, nostalgic 🙂


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