Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Through a thick smoke of cigarettes the room looked dim, and dim were my thoughts competing with each other for my attention. Puffing in a smoke was supposed to make me think clearly, but it only made my heart race more rapidly.

The clock seemed to be frozen in time with its arms unmoving, and waiting was unbearable. When will it ring? Will it ring? What will the news be?




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68 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

    • I do have a few bad habits :(. Yes, I was very interested when I saw your shisha 😀 what are the side effects? In any case, this hairy hand does not belong to me 😉


      • I used to smoke cigarettes, but I quit them many, many years ago. Now I smoke nargileh/shisha, but only 1 time per day and not everyday (maybe 4 times per week?).


        • 🙂 I smoked from the ages of 21 and 27, then suddenly quit. Some three years ago I started again (how silly of me). I was very upset cause of mother’s health (it turned out to be nothing in the end) and it got me hooked, then more troubling news came to my life, one stress after another and now when I am supposed to watch every penny I earn I spend ludicrous amounts on cigarettes. If hubby would kick the habit, it would be easier for me. I am not even sure I have an addiction cause every work day I am totally ok being without cigarettes for more than 10 hours, and then I come home and make up for the lost time. I would like to try shisha with you sometime 😀


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  2. Your heartbeat is embedded in this touching piece of music. I pray, the news be good and reaches your ears soon. Have a nice day Paula.


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  6. Hey Paula, who does this hand belong too? Btw, it’s a very cool image! I’ve never been a smoker but I’ve always loved photographs or should I say interesting and creative images of smokers, I know it’s very bizarre. I noticed you recommended Lykke Li to someone, she is fantastic. If you ever get a chance to see her perform live it is well worth it.


    • The hand is my husband’s. He wasn’t very happy posing, and I made him light one cigarette after another – shame on me. Lykke Li is one of my new favourites – I would love to see her perform. Where did you see her? I forgot what town you live in, Mark. I’m sorry.


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  12. Very good music. I tend to think that you posted this to get a reaction; however, if that is not the case never mind then.
    This is a response to the comment section.
    I smoke cigarettes. Yep 😉
    I’m not a smoker; I’ll not be stereotyped. I smoke about a two packs per month, and hope to never quit. I’ve smoked since I was very young, and I’ve always exercised hard, climbed towers every day, and played various sports.
    Many folks who harp on cigarettes are generally unhealthy themselves. Thus the smoke free lifestyle is gaining them nothing.
    There are many cultural bandwagons, and everybody feels the need to be on at least one of them. anti smoking is no exception.
    I tell people, “So I smoke. What the hell of it? You’re fat; want some of that judgement right back at ya?”
    I mean, I’m just sayin’.


    • Dinkerson, I like connecting with honest people that have something to say, and you are definitely one of those 🙂 2 packs per month can’t be called smoking :D. I am glad to hear you are in good shape 🙂


  13. Love the photo and admission and yes, I know it was not your lovely hand. Who sings the moody song?


  14. I used to be a smoker. I smoked for 40 years. How stupid that was! It’s unfortunate that I didn’t give it up before I ruined my lungs. Because of my stupidity I now have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.


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