Illusion – Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza


Teatro Olimpico

Teatro Olimpico

39 Comments on “Illusion – Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza

    • I had to do some acrobatic photography with that one considering the large wooden steps in the amphitheater 😀 Thank you, LD 🙂


  1. One of your best! This shot is so cool. It looks to me like a giant eye staring down on me. The square crop and B&W are both perfect choices. A winner for sure!


  2. Ca, j’adore ! 🙂 Le cadrage est juste exceptionnel. 😀 (Et bravo aux artistes aussi !) 😆


    • Thank you very much, Marcos. I am too busy to look at your blog now, and will be for some more days, but I will click follow to make sure I don’t miss it. Regards, Paula


  3. Stunning! Did you notice that it is perfectly symmetrical on the horizontal axis, but not on the vertical? Wonder why?


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