Black & White Sunday: Squeeze (response to guest challenge)

Some break under the pressure, but some keep standing.







NOTICE: After this post I will take a break to try to recover from my injury. It is making my life really hard now as I move with difficulty and can only manage to be driven to the office. Using laptop in my free time is hampering the recovery so I have to give it a rest. I will be back, once I have recovered,  with all the scheduled posts  and guest hosting.

P.S. I will look at your entries for this challenge and link to your posts before I sign off. 



Entries to this challenge:

Squeeze by Debbie

Bicycles by Geriatrix

Squeeze by Susan Judd

Squeeze by DM

Squeezed by Ese 

Squeezed by Marilyn Armstrong

Squeeze by Lynne

Black and White Sunday: A Statue


Aristide Maillol, Nuit (1909)

Aristide Maillol, Nuit (1909)

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