Black & White Sunday: Squeeze (response to guest challenge)

Some break under the pressure, but some keep standing.







NOTICE: After this post I will take a break to try to recover from my injury. It is making my life really hard now as I move with difficulty and can only manage to be driven to the office. Using laptop in my free time is hampering the recovery so I have to give it a rest. I will be back, once I have recovered,  with all the scheduled posts  and guest hosting.

P.S. I will look at your entries for this challenge and link to your posts before I sign off. 



Entries to this challenge:

Squeeze by Debbie

Bicycles by Geriatrix

Squeeze by Susan Judd

Squeeze by DM

Squeezed by Ese 

Squeezed by Marilyn Armstrong

Squeeze by Lynne

69 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Squeeze (response to guest challenge)

  1. Brilliant response, Paula!
    Sorry to hear you’re struggling with that injury. Wishing you a speedy recovery – I’ll miss you. I may be taking a break soon too, but all being well I’ll be watching for your return.


    • I’ll miss you too Debbie. I just hope that everything works well out and that I don’t have to miss my trip to Bilbao in October.


  2. Love your image for this challenge, Paula. Brilliant choice! I wish you everything of the best for your complete recovery. So sad to know you’re suffering. *hug*


  3. Paula I have been a little “squeezed” myself the last two weeks so I understand the need to take time off and heal. I did not have choice going in but none the less I do going forward. Be well and breathing ever day for it is a blessing.

    Peace~ John


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  5. Mi dispiace tantissimo per il tuo problema di salute….
    Spero e ti auguro una pronta guarigione!
    (Poi , un giorno , mi racconti tutto……….)


    • I’ll tell you when I know more. It has been two weeks now and it is getting worse. Doc thought it would go away, but it is not. I have to do tests, and I can hardly walk.


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  7. When I read “squeeze” I immediately thought of these bikes. I have never seen so many bikes together!
    Love your coke tin! I am very sorry to hear you are hurt. Get well soon, we all miss you!


  8. Oh my dear friend, I’m so sorry things are bad. I hope the time out helps the healing and that you’re back in action soon. I’ll think of you with caring every time I drive past my beach, or walk along it. Your image expresses something of your state of mind I think, and as always it is beautifully conceived and photographed. You manage to make a squashed coke can elegant and eloquent.


  9. Paula, I like your response to the challenge! Really sorry to hear your injury isn’t improving, do hope you can rest up and recover soon. i’ll miss you – take care and look after yourself. xx


  10. Paula, I’m sorry to learn that your injury hasn’t been healing as fast and painless as you had imagined.
    You’re taking the right decision to take time off. I wish you all the best and that they find soon a way to resolve this.
    Thanks again for inviting me to guest post here. It’s been a honor.
    I like your entry very much. A squeezed coke was a great idea. Thanks! Get well soon!


    • Thanks Lucile, and thank you for looking at my response. About my health, it is not about getting well at a slower pace or with pains.. the fact is that the injury is of unknown origin, that I don’t have a diagnosis yet in spite of paying for a private consultation with a specialist, and that my condition has aggravated significantly in the last week.


      • You’re most welcome, Paula.
        I’m even more sorry to hear that. I do wish you well and hope you will find the source of this injury as soon as possible. I know how stressful this can be.
        Keep strong and all my best wishes.


  11. I am so sorry about your injury, dear Paula – please take care and all the time you need&can to heal. Sending the good vibes your way with a hope you will feel better soon.
    Your photo is perfect – original, clever and wit! I get the feeling that looking at it longer and closer, could almost notice the movement of the very squeeze. And I love your choice of music, of course… Hugs, Ese


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  13. This is such a good response, Paula. Wishing you a speedy recovery. The first step of knowing you need to rest is very wise. Take every care 🙂


  14. Get better. I’m having painful repetitive motion injury issues too and I’m going to take a couple of weeks off also. You can’t recover if you don’t stop doing stuff that prevents healing. Feel good soon!!



    • Thank you for being so considerate and prompt, Marilyn. I love these two examples for the theme. You know how much I like your winter landscapes.


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  17. I’m sure your coke can is very symbolic for you at the moment Paula. So sensible to take time out and give the body every chance to heal. I can see from the comments that all your blogging buddies are sending you lots of good vibes, so take care and hopefully you will soon be revving on all 4 cylinders. I’ll look forward to seeing you back here soon.


  18. Hi Paula, can you remind me, what is it exactly that is causing you trouble? Important thing is to get some rest away from the laptop so you can heal properly. Btw. the image has such a nice balance to it.


  19. Bless you, Paula- this doesn’t sound at all good! I’m so sorry to read this because I started with a huge grin on my face at your fun photo. I can only add my good wishes for your speedy recovery. Sending hugs 🙂


  20. Oh no, sorry to hear that Paula! Hope you are healing well and on the road to a full recovery. Sending warm hugs your way xoxo

    PS: Fantastic capture as always 🙂


  21. Salut. Navré pour la blessure. By the time I got back to your blog, I hope you are now reasonably better.
    Ya te puse recepción en mi mail. Mejor que Reader. All my best wishes for a full recovery.
    Beijo e abraço


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  23. Dear Paula, I am so sorry to read about your injury.

    Hope you are recovering fast, get well soon!

    I have also taken a rather long break and came back afresh 🙂

    In between, an excellent post, a powerful one, to keep us engaged till you are back 🙂



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