Black & White Sunday: Squeeze (response to guest challenge)

Some break under the pressure, but some keep standing.







NOTICE: After this post I will take a break to try to recover from my injury. It is making my life really hard now as I move with difficulty and can only manage to be driven to the office. Using laptop in my free time is hampering the recovery so I have to give it a rest. I will be back, once I have recovered,  with all the scheduled posts  and guest hosting.

P.S. I will look at your entries for this challenge and link to your posts before I sign off. 



Entries to this challenge:

Squeeze by Debbie

Bicycles by Geriatrix

Squeeze by Susan Judd

Squeeze by DM

Squeezed by Ese 

Squeezed by Marilyn Armstrong

Squeeze by Lynne

Back on the Road

This is an old photo to show you what I am up to now and to let you know I will be away between the 1st and the 11th October. Don’t be fooled by the folded map – It is Italy, not France that I am heading to this time. I just hope I’ll manage to pack smart this once.

All challenges and activities will be resumed on the 12th October when next Black & White Sunday is scheduled. Next Thursday Special is on the 16th October.

 Until then, godspeed to you all!