Back on the Road

This is an old photo to show you what I am up to now and to let you know I will be away between the 1st and the 11th October. Don’t be fooled by the folded map – It is Italy, not France that I am heading to this time. I just hope I’ll manage to pack smart this once.

All challenges and activities will be resumed on the 12th October when next Black & White Sunday is scheduled. Next Thursday Special is on the 16th October.

 Until then, godspeed to you all!




55 Comments on “Back on the Road

    • Purtroppo no questa volta. Vado a Bologna (la grassa, no la dotta :D), poi a Lucca, e doppo a Siena con tutti quelli altri posti nelle vicinanze.


  1. Buon viaggio , passi per Milano?
    Scherzi a parte , so che vai in Toscana e ti auguro di trovarla bella come sempre!
    Anche col tempo, dico!
    Auguri per un buonissimo viaggio,


  2. Many unbelieveable many get themselves a really good laugh when they see or hear about me and my pack suitcase – now I know that I am not alone… 😀 😀 😀

    Enjoy Italy, my croatian princess – best wishes for you and yours… 😀

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  3. Thought often people say the “packing and getting ready moments” are stressful, I really like the atmosphere. The artistic chaos in a way….like in your photo.
    Have a wonderful trip, Paula, and I will look forward seeing you back with beautiful photos, stories and a suitcase full of freshly made memories!


  4. I am smiling brightly looking at these lovely photos Paula. At every turn in Tuscany another delight. It seems as though yours included a wedding!


    • A wedding? Why would you say that? I wasn’t very surprised at sites as I passed them on Google Earth so many times before.


      • Paula I am looking at your post on my phone so perhaps I have assumed some of the photos you featured were your own. With apologies.


        • 😀 Now you have completely lost me, Sue. All photos are mine of course, but there isn’t a single photo of a wedding on my blog.


          • Paula it’s where you invite readers to check out contributions from other bloggers to your Black and White challenge.
            I think between the two of us being tired after our holiday we are confusing. 🙂


            • Oh, these are links to bloggers’ posts with pictures. I forgot it is all the same size on the phone. I don’t check out posts over the phone so I couldn’t know. I thought it was a good idea to give people preview of their work, now with that phone watching thingy I am afraid it looks as if I am trying to pass other people’s pics as my own, which definitely wasn’t my plan. But you are right, I am totally tired and I believe you are too.


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