Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

When I saw this tree it reminded me of the character て from Japanese syllabary Hiragana.
The enclosed track titled “Tree” is a composition of Kitaro, a famous Japanese musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist who is regarded as a pioneer of New Age music.


japanese letter_te



This is my entry to WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: Letters



64 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

  1. Molto bella lo foto e interessante l’interpretazione…
    Mi piace l’idea anche se non conoscevo questa lettera dell’alfabeto giapponese ….
    (E in realtà , continuo a ignorare tutto il resto…)
    Ciao Paula, grazie per tutti i tuoi commenti di ieri !


  2. Very interesting interpretation of the theme, Paula.
    i got into Kitaro as a teen and i still listen to his music, very soothing, very ethereal. And you’re right, he and a French musician named Jean Michel Jarre are both considered pioneers in the whole ambient music movement, of which I’m a big fan.


    • 🙂 I had that feeling about you Stephen, as I noticed you like most of the music I post 🙂 Did you use to listen to Andreas Vollenweider too? I love Jarre, and Vangelis and Oldfield even more 🙂


      • HI Paula … not so much Vollenweider, but definitely Jarre, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield and many others. I listen to an internet radio station called SOMAFM (based here in SF!) that has a show called Drone Zone that’s really deep and interesting ambient music. Check it out on iTunes! I write and edit for a living, and I can’t listen to music with vocals and lyrics, because then I start focusing on that and not whatever it is I’m working on. Ambient music really helps me zero in on my work, and it’s also just plain peaceful and relaxing!


        • Hello Stephen 🙂 That’s how I started listening to ambien t music. Having to translate a bunch of texts in a noisy environment it helps me to stay focused 😉


  3. It’s a funny old tree stump, if you could call it that, Paula. I can see a little face peeking out at me, but I like your interpretation too. More soothing music 🙂 Have a peaceful weekend. Hugs!


  4. Nice interpretation. I don’t know any Japanese letters, so I wouldn’t have been able to spot the similarity if I passed something like this.


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  7. Now that is just you Paula. So original and creative indeed! Stunning shot and interpretation hon. Love the music track too. Fits very well with that beautiful photo. 😀

    How are you otherwise sweetness? All well and better I hope? ♥ Big Hugs ♥


    • I am so flattered by your comment, Mark. Thank you very much. That was my favourite album by Vollenweider too 🙂


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  11. Best example of how people see differently and interpret a word, Just perfect candidate for the theme, Paula 🙂

    And the selection of the sound track, hats off to you 🙂


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