Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

Now here is a scene you don’t see every day: a car on a rooftop. This installation is a sign for a tire shop in my neighbourhood.




To see more twists click here.



51 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

  1. I haven’t seen the original yet but I might have to interpret it as a dance 🙂 You lead us a merry one, Paula. Love that pink!


  2. Have you started the battle with Ron Scubadiver now? 😀
    This was a top notch ride back in the days. Nice shot Paula and I’m looking forward to see more from your city!


    • Let’s say that it was a welcome push 😀 That same day I found this car and the graffiti (I posted) down the street. I started with my neighbourhood; and will go on as time and weather permit 😀


  3. Some folks are just so creative Paula! I wonder where they get all their ideas? Sometimes I wish I could have a million dollar idea that will sell. LOL! A pity we don’t live in Kimberley anymore. There was a club there that had half of an old car build into the wall on top of the club entrance. It was such a beautiful sight, just like this gorgeous shot of yours. Thanks for sharing hon and have a great weekend. 😀 ♥ Big Hugs ♥


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  5. Now that’s a twist!! Drake is right, that colour must have prompted its demotion!! 😀
    Long time no see..hope all is well with you Paula.


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  7. This would certainly catch my attention if it was in my neighbourhood. I’m drawing a blank on the name of the song – it’s on the tip of my tongue but i’m drawing a blank, please remind me.


  8. What a delightful sight! Its twist at its best…Hahaha….
    Do visit my ‘Twist’ also and let me know your thoughts on it.


  9. you are right – we do not see this everyday – nice for twist – and also – in a way – it looks like the grill on that car adds a twist to the body that it sits on – I am sure it belongs to the original – but it looks more shiny and almost bling compared to the rest – 🙂


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