Black & White Sunday: One of a kind

Beauties can die, can’t they? This photo is the only thing that I have left of her.



You may grab my Black & White Sunday widget and join me. Show me your black and white photos regardless of the theme.





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52 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: One of a kind

    • Sometimes I find shriveled blossoms to be more fascinating than the fresh one. Have you thought about taking a picture of “her”? And thank you for coming here to comment Moondustwriter 😀


  1. She is indeed a beauty. “The only thing left” is what photography is about, I think. And there’s always only one opportunity to capture just that, whatever “that” is. Even – and maybe especially – rock formations on the beach. Now I need to dare another b & w.


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    • I saw your comment before, but at the time could not reply… I find B&W a lot more expressive in flowers with exciting shapes. This one in particular was my favourite… Thank you, Sue 🙂

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  5. Interesting how having an image of a flower like this in b & w makes the eye take in the details of its structure in quite a different way than one would if it were in colour. This might seem obvious, but in other ways it’s rather puzzling. A very striking shot.


  6. How well she wears her black and white robes, Paula! Truly beautiful 🙂
    Are you still too, too busy at work and has your head recovered?


    • Thank you, Jo. Work is getting worse every day – our future is pretty uncertain now; during weekend I try to forget about it. I appreciate you asking 🙂


      • Yes, Paula, I am. 🙂 A little hill climbing then I can relax next week. Michael tells me he’s spending 2 weeks on a beach with a book. Have to see what variety I can introduce to that 🙂


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    • Aw, thank you, my dear. Our country is up to its neck in deep $it, I wish it was in deep $$$$ ;). I think this will be my every day scenario for the next year or so (uncertainty – and I’d rather have that than being laid off), so I’d better stop thinking about future and take one day at the time. It has made me depressed and ill for two years, I can’t fear any more, or it will make me completely sick.


    • This is telepathy. I was thinking about you and how I want to stop by your place. Orchids and other plants should know by now that me buying them is a sign of a close death, and though I am aware of black thumb I can’t stop purchasing them and taking pics of them. This one was pretty unique. Thank you for coming here Sylvia. Your meaningful comments are always received with joy.


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