Say it with a Kiss – “Dialogue”

According to WordPress guest host of this week’s Photo Challenge, dialogue “in photography can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images. Placed next to each other, each photograph opens up to meanings that weren’t there when viewed alone. Each composition reveals the photographer’s specific sensitivity to certain content or visual elements.”



This is my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue.



P.S. This is the second time since I have this blog that I am putting on the music I don’t like just cause it suits the theme 🙂 Don’t listen!

66 Comments on “Say it with a Kiss – “Dialogue”

  1. I guess you know me well enough to know I’m often looks for “troubles” – not related to you or your work here, which I find very fascinating and a clever idea – no it’s about the theme and about two images placed next to each other A and B, each photograph opens up a connecting story between them – if we set them up B and A, in fact so it’s a different story we make – but I guess often we don’t notice if it’s A and B or B and A … 😀


    • Hello “Troublemaker” :). I am always amused when I read you :D. Yes, it could have very well been B and A, though alphabetically you my friend are wrong 😀 😉 I guess the story can be told in reverse. There was a nice little gentle pineapple, pouting its lips for a kiss, I came closer and ouch its spikes and rough edges made my lips bleed. How’s this one? 😀


    • Really, and I thought my abstract shot was too revealing to be an abstract 🙂 Did you notice little lips? About the song, I know it used to be a huge hit when J. Donovan sang it. I am happy to have discovered a version of a voice I have great admiration for (Chris de Burgh :D) Thank you, Linda 🙂 🙂

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  2. Ananas, I love it! Why is it called pineapple in English? It’s called ananas in the rest of the world. Wasn’t ananas good enough for the Enlish?


  3. I’m in awe of your imaginative interpretation of challenge themes, as well as of your photographic skill. I love the gleam and texture that you’ve captured so beautifully.


    • 🙂 this is very nice to read Meg. It is my outlet, my escape if you will, and I still have a lot to learn, and pictures to take to be able to express better what’s in me. Thank you 🙂


    • 😀 Its texture has always fascinated me. I wish I can have it at home every day, but I am planning on having it more often 🙂 Thank you for your kindness, Sue.


  4. Dialogue? Yes- you to me, but I would struggle mightily in photographic terms. Well done, Paula. I’m impressed. 🙂
    Happy weekend.


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  6. Very, very interesting Paula, this is very cool and now I wish I had a pineapple to enjoy. I think you and I have the same opinion of this song. I love the heavier side of your musical taste. Have a great weekend.


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  8. A clever take Paula. The ‘lipstick’ mark seems painted on almost!! 🙂
    That used to be one of my favourite songs once upon a time!


  9. Interesting images to say the least. I had to have a little help identifying them as a pineapple. BTW, I’m with you when it comes to being quick with LIKE.


  10. Don’t laugh, but I have kissed a pineapple. I tend to test texture with my lips, like I test whether laundry is dry. The music was a pleasure, because it belongs to my teenage years.


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