Thursday’s Special: Landscape


Nature is my home, and sometimes I travel a long way to find it.


Location: Lake Czorsztyn, Poland

I would like to see your entries for Thursday’s Special, be it a landscape or some other subject of your choice.



Here are the friendly bloggers’s entries to TS: 


Italian landscape by M-R

Ese’s Landscape

Cardinal’s Mountains

Debbie’s night in Ljubljana

Jo’s beachscape

Sonel’s bees and butterflies

Tish’s Manscape to Landscape

Meg’s inletscape

Drake’s Love Nest

93 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Landscape

  1. A lovely landscape, and a lovely cloudscape. I’ve added the lake to my Polish itinerary. You are a skilled photograph-composer – the curve on the centre right (is it water or a track?), the glimpse of houses, the angle of the bushes, it all adds up to great balance.

    (I’ve emerged from comment-hibernation, more settled in the routine of my days. It’s been hard not to comment!)


    • If anything should break your comment fast, then it should be a post about Poland :). The curve on the right is track. Thank you, Meg, for brightening this Thursday morning.


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    • Hello Sylvia 🙂 Central part of Europe hides some real natural treasures. Don’t worry about visiting them – I’ll get to all of them sooner or later and show them to you ;). Lovely to see you, dear. xx

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    • Hello Linda 🙂 The sky was really adventurous this past Summer. It was during this holiday that I captured a double rainbow. Sometimes a nice weather can look boring in photos 🙂 Thank you for your always appreciated visit. xo

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    • This is just gorgeous, Ese, I would like to know where you took it. Thank you for this wonderful offering. Happy Thursday!


        • Ahhhh. With your and Cardinal’s shots I am more and more convinced that it is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe 🙂 Thank YOU, Ese 🙂


  4. I have been studying this photo Paula and Indeed my eyes are drawn forward, i find myself leaning into the computer trying to see what is just beyond the horizon. Lovely.
    Have you recovered from your trip?


    • Hello Sue :). Yes, I have recovered from my fall quickly 🙂 I’ve been extremely busy at work since my return and besides that I started my new (language learning) blog which is taking up a lot of my time 🙂 so much so that I still haven’t seen the photos from my holiday (just the ones from Bologna). With this sudden cold I will find time and be more present here. Can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate your visit.


      • Sorry to hear you have a cold Paula. I hope it passes soon. I’m interested to read more about your new blog and what prompted you to start it. Would you send me the link at your convenience?


        • I will be ok Sue, thank you 🙂 You may know that I am translator and languages are my greatest passion (I speak a few). It dawned on me on my way back from Italy that I could make a language learning blog and see if anybody would commit to doing it, and to see the results in 150 days (it is every day work :D). There is a widget on the right side bar, but here 🙂 One day I am planning to do languages which I don’t speak yet – I will be posting lessons like I do now, with the difference that I will be a student and a teacher all in one 🙂


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  7. Such a lovely memory for me! You can imagine 🙂 Nice that we have traveled some of the same paths, Paula. Thank you for this. It’s beautiful.


  8. Stunning shot Paula. I love those clouds and such a great view. Nature is indeed the best there is. 😀 ♥


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    • 😀 It is a stunning shot, Debbie ( I didn’t realise it was a soft HDR until I got to download the photo). Thank you so very much 🙂


    • and thank you for the correct spelling – Croatian also has that character as in the world “ljubav” which is love 😀


    • So very true, Colline. Living in a multi-storey building I long for nature every single day. I know you can relate.


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  11. Poland is beautiful – and the song really was wonderful – listened twice – so thx and have a great Thursday (and weekend) 🙂


  12. Great landscape – I particularly like the cloudscape 🙂
    (BTW the link to Ese’s page is incorrect, it goes to M-R)
    Jude xx


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  14. Oh those dark clouds! There’s so much drama in there! I also like the simple, neat composition Paula. This picture has all the elements that make a perfect landscape photograph.


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