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oxford ponte-1

What you see in this photo is the landmark of Oxford, Herftord Bridge, popularly known as the Bridge of Sighs though its design bears a closer similarity to Rialto Bridge than to the actual Ponte dei Sospiri in Venice. It connects the Old and New Quadrangles of Hertford College and was completed in 1914.

Linked to today’s  #photo101 project.

62 Comments on “Photography: Connect

    • Thanks a lot, CG. Going sightseeing with a group of tourists and two tour guides was hell for photo-taking. We were running through this small town as if being chased by hungry wolves.


  1. There’s one not unlike it in Krakow too, Paula 🙂 I don’t think I have ever been to Oxford but some day I must. All those dreaming spires would brighten a drab English day.
    Hugs to you!


  2. Paula, quando hai scattato questa foto?
    Io trovo che l’immagine abbia un’aria primaverile o di primi giorni d’autunno.
    Mi piace come hai saputo catturare la delicata luce del sole che ”sosta” sotto il ponte e ci invita a scorrere nella sua scia.

    Buona Giornata,
    Renzo 🙂


    • Prima settimana di maggio 🙂 Grazie mille Renzo. La luce non era ideale ma ti ringrazio tanto i belli complimenti. Buona serata in quella cita incantevole che e Bologna 🙂 (did I make a lot of mistakes?)


        • this would be to improve your Italian – yes, that would be my goal – the problem is it keeps getting mixed with French, Spanish and Portuguese – but I am getting there-. Taxi drivers in Rome had no problems understanding me and we chatted during long drives, anche i camerieri 😀 Italy is and will always be close to my heart.


      • In realtà sono stato attratto da quel delicato bagliore che come uno sguardo si materializza sotto quella graziosa arcata, catturandoti in una dimensione di serenità…. Paula, grazie per il ”viaggio” di luce 🙂


        • Sono grata io – a dirti la verita questo pezzo di luce ho fatto io dopo en post-trattamento 😀 Grazie Renzo per fare questa notte piu gradevole 🙂


          • Paula,ti è riuscito benissimo, infatti a me ha trasmesso le sensazioni che ti ho descritto.

            Allora per ringraziarti vorrei anche io augurarti la buona notte con una canzone (ho visto che molte volte nei tuoi post è presente la musica).

            No so se conosci Andrew Bird, a me certe sue canzoni trasmettono una malinconia mista a un sentimento della natura.

            Spero ti piaccia:


  3. I saw the “connect” challenge, and the only thing I could think of was to show photos of me with my friends and loved ones. That seemed too uninteresting to a general audience, so I did nothing. I love how you interpreted this challenge!


    • Hello Debra 🙂 I wish I could take credit for the choice of subject this time too (I almost never read WP staff suggestions), but I did today as I did not like the sample photo or the idea. When Cheri said “bridge” I said to myself: “I am saved” 🙂 Nice to meet you 🙂

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      • Pas contente? J’aimerais bien savoir pourquoi! 🙂
        Tu es parfaitement dans le thème, un “pont” qui relie 2 immeubles séparés par une rue, c’est bien l’esprit!
        Sincèrement c’est très bien trouvé!


        • Ok, je vais expliquer en anglais. I was lead and chased over there by two tour guides that were ruining my frames, I was annoyed and bored, the light was all wrong – I had to play a little afterwards – Oxford is very photogenic but that Sunday afternoon it was crawling with people and lazy students and I wanted to find it on a moody cloudy day – you know that type of purplish grey clouds and drama – like in some good BBC crime series 😀

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  4. A great shot Paula, and a lot of interesting backstory to the photo. despite the obstacles, what a beauty.

    Confirming my avoidance of guided tours – I had two guides on my recent gallop through five countries, one in Vienna and one in Budapest, both women from 5W who devoted a day to me, sussed out my interests beforehand, and took it at a pace I enjoyed. And of course your lovely city guided me itself.


    • Good choice. Zagreb does not require guides. Once again I remembered that unfortunate email I did not see on time, but now you can see the email I really use it is featured on the right side of my blog.


  5. What else could fit for the theme “Connect” than a bridge…

    The warm colors and the perspective here makes this image so attractive.

    In short, another superb image from you, Paula 🙂


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