Photography 101: Mystery

Today’s music comes from Oslo, from the remarkable young composer Peder B. Helland. At only 19 years of age, this Norwegian artist, has already written an  impressive opus of instrumental music ranging from dark, suspense, to emotional melodies and relaxing soundscapes featuring a variety of instruments like piano, cello, violin, bagpipe and many more.

Meeting a talent like Peder’s is not an every day occurrence, and I have to share the enthusiasm and inspiration I find in his work.

strbske_big hotel


This is my entry for today’s #photo101 project: Mystery.

To enjoy more of Peder B. Helland’s music go to his:
You Tube site (to purchase his tracks)

45 Comments on “Photography 101: Mystery

  1. It’s safe to say that you really surprised me today with music from Oslo! I listened to a few seconds (I’m at work, so I just skipped around in the song) and I like the spooky, dark, sad kind of music. Fits excellent with your wonderful photo.


  2. Bellísimo post sia per Il testo , che per la foto meravigliosa…
    …per la musica eccezionale…e anche per i commenti che seguono…..


    • Thank you for listening Anna. Creativity is something I have a weakness for, as for comments and interaction – there are very few people one would want to keep in their life ….


  3. Paula, se in quella misteriosa casa stai organizzando qualche strana festa, ricordati di mandarmi l”invito 🙂
    Le luci donano alla facciata un’atmosfera un po’ sinistra e ancor più sinistri sembrano quegli alberi inchinati, anzi quasi sottomessi a questa casa del mistero 🙂


  4. Paula I will have to wait for the music as I am replying on my iPhone which does not play or show the audio file as it does on the computer. Your photo with it’s gorgeous night time reflections fits the theme perfectly.


    • What I like about this scene is that it is captured exactly how it looked 🙂 no need for embellishing…. The young composer is amazing. Thank you for listening 🙂


  5. Thank you for introducing this lovely Norwegian music to me, Paula! >3
    It’s a perfect match to your photo.
    Ha en god helg!


  6. What a fabulous idea to combine your photo with a piece of music. They compliment each other perfectly. I often listen to classical pieces when I’m writing, I will look into this composer!


  7. Beautiful atmospheric music which matches your photo very well. Even Batman might think twice before going inside with that background music. 🙂


    • 🙂 🙂 It is a weird expensive hotel with even weirder guests, that played awful music during the day, during a wedding celebration, but at night – more specifically that particular night I saw a scene from a potential horror/mystery movie 😉 (shot in Slovakia)


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