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42 Comments on “Twinkle

  1. Paula, questa fotografia la si potrebbe definire di un ”sublime meccanico” :-). I riflessi e la musica con cui hai deciso di accompagnarla fanno si che l’immagine acquisti – nonostante la sua natura statica – una suggestiva impressione cinetica.

    P.S.: si capirà qualcosa di quello che ho scritto? 🙂


    • 🙂 Cool Colline. I wish I could have obtained this in the sunshine, but sunlight is very scarce these days. I am glad you like the photo.


      • yes I know – Iknow ;0
        and the twinkle of steel, metal – or chrome -well it is sooo universal – but that was the word that came to me – even though I agree – boy do i! 🙂


  2. Lovin the bokeh in this. Stunning idea and execution of everyday objects to translate art. (Pretty artsy of me right there. LOL)


  3. I knew you’d have a twinkle, Paula, but I had no idea what it would be 🙂 It’s superb!
    Are you well this cold weekend? Looking forward to even a couple of days off, I imagine.
    Like the music track too.


      • Thank you, Jo. I know you could not answer what I could not answer myself. I never did or said anything upsetting to that person and that’s what puzzles me. I guess one can say I have a strong personality because I like being truthful and hate hypochrisy and with all that (people are entitled not to like me), I will add just one thing-I never said anything bad to people on their blogs, never being critical of their work, never. If I appeared strong – which I am sure I am – is always in defence and it was only with you as far as I can recall. Of course you can’t answer why someone would erase all her posts without any discussion, argument or similar. I am really peeved cause I have just realised that on top of all the problems in real life I am wasting my energy.worrying and being upset about some ego.tripper and explaining myself to you. The blog stays – hate it, or not.


        • I love it 🙂 I had a feeling I knew who it was, Paula, because I’ve noticed an absence but it is not my place to name names. Who knows? People are strange. As I said- try to do what makes you happy (though even that isn’t always easy to know 🙂 )
          No need to visit me for a while. 6WS isn’t very exciting and I doubt the walk will be either. Look after yourself!


    • That’s what I like most about photography (and challenges) to go beyond what’s obvious 🙂 Thanks a lot, Lisa!


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