Thursday’s Special: Abstract (response to Guest challenge)


To quote today’s challenger Suzanne: “Sometimes it can be relief to take time out and let go of the urge to make sense of what is seen – to focus instead on the act of seeing rather than the intellectual processes of naming and analysing what is being seen.”

yellow abstract
paper abstract

This is the Thursday’s Special with the theme “Abstract”. Make sure to visit the Guest challenger’s post and please don’t forget to leave links to your own abstracts.


Click on the following links to check out the entries to this challenge: 

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Abstract 02

75 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Abstract (response to Guest challenge)

  1. Ah c’est joli ça je sais pas ce que c’est et je veux même pas le savoir et puis alors plus abstrait que ça c’est pas possible !


    • 🙂 I like being challenged too. When Suzanne first mentioned her theme I started working on it. Debbie, thank you very much for your chocolate abstract. I have seen a lot of things on your blog that I would like to have. 🙂


  2. Great to see you back and hope your down time was a good time. I have very little abstract DNA in me but over the next few days I will see if I can stretch myself some. Peace ~ John


          • Whahahahha! I know that feeling too! Wish we could hang together – with a bottle of wine. 😆


            • Sophia, would you like to host a guest challenge on my blog, please? You can do it in colour or in B&W. You can pick the month and date. I have openings for B&W as of July and for colour as of September till the end of the year. You can do it well in advance and save it. What do you say? You would pick the theme and everything. It would be such a great honour for me.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Awww Paula, you are such a sweetheart to ask but you know I one for much words and I really do not have much to offer hon. Let me think about it. Thanks so much for asking. 😀 ♥


                • Sophia, it is not about writing. Look at the “Scheduled challenges” – guest challenges sub-link; you’ll see that Cardinal Guzman does not write a lot either, and your photos are one of the best I have seen on the whole WP.

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • And you call me a ‘flatterer’? 😆 Thanks for the lovely compliment hon, but I tend to disagree on that point. 😆

                    You also know I do not like being in the limelight like that, so let’s rather leave it at that. I am just going to make a fool of myself as usual. 😆


                    • I disagree with everything you said, but I will not pressure you. I respect that you want to remain “private”. Other people in your place would shout their lungs out – come visit me, and see how super awesome my blog is.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • I thought you would, but it’s okay. Everyone of us have the right to feel the way we do and it’s not so much about ‘privacy’ .. it’s more about confidence. I don’t fall in the photographer class hon. I am just a hobbyist and like to take photos and share it with those interested. There’s nothing amazing about them as they can’t be compared to Canon or Nikon quality and I know that, but I know you will disagree on that as well. I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel but it’s difficult putting words to it. Hopefully you will understand.

                      Either way, I wish I was confident enough to ‘shout my lungs’ out. 😆 Your blog is super awesome indeed and I love your photography. You can call yourself a professional indeed. 😀 ♥


                    • No, I am not a professional – I hardly know basic functions on my camera. 😀 I thought my blog was my private space (something more meaningful than a fb page would be) and not something to impress others with, so in that regard I am not thinking of a blog as s product – just my virtual space. I do understand that you have your concerns and shyness (believe me I know a lot about being insecure – I feel it every time I have to do consecutive interpreting on my job). I was just thinking that people missed a lot by not knowing your blog. Just don’t take my insistence against me; I will not be pushing you again. I may try a few nudges from time to time just in case though 😀
                      I really like you Sophia and I wish that you can see you as a lot of us do.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Well, I think you are as you take the most amazing photos hon. I feel the same way about my blog and it’s also certainly not to impress others. Not that they would be. 😆 I just love nature and animals and it’s great sharing it with those that love it as much as I do. 😀

                      I am sure you have nothing to be insecure about hon and that you are doing a great job, but yes … we are all insecure in some way. 😀

                      I am sure they don’t miss much and I am happy with the ones that do know my blog and have no wish to be well-known, believe me, but thanks for being so sweet and kind and I won’t. I’ll watch out for those ‘nudges’. hahahaha

                      Same here hon and thanks. I wish I could. 😀 ♥


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  4. Stunningly beautiful, Paula! I never saw finer ‘artwork’. 🙂 Thank you for including my post. It does not marry too well with Suzanne’s intentions but my intentions were good 🙂 I will go along and tell her so. I love her artistry too. I am honoured to appear in such company today.


    • Hello Jo, you are showing abstract too, and I find your entry very entertaining and informative and am most grateful. You can see that people use “abstract” loosely – see Drake 😀

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    • Yup, it is abstract and I would say “metaphysical” even. Thank you very much for this contribution, Cardinal!


    • Funny that you should mention colours, the one in the centre for original soft pink but I made it what it is – gold yellow 😀


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    • It’s a very nice entry Patricia, and to be honest I was hoping someone would be that clever to take a photo of a piece of an abstract art. Thank you very much.


      • Thank you for hosting the challenge. I am not really a photographer. Just take pictures with my phone and hope for the best. I am enjoying the challenge of your prompts and those of your guests.


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  8. Mysterious, vivid and beautiful – those are the first things that came to my mind, looking at your photos, Paula. And I love the possibility for my imagination&interpretation to run miles here…in so many directions!
    PS: I had a quick look yesterday at your response to Suzanne’ s challenge but, being short of time, wanted to return today to listen to the music (at the moment enjoying…!) and put my thoughts together properly. 🙂


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  12. Your set of abstracts are very contemporary soothing compositions.
    Thanks again for the opportunity to join in the community challenge. Much appreciated. 🙂


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