“Ephemerals: That’s what Hub called them; flowers that bloomed and died in a matter of weeks, before the trees leafed out and shaded them. She liked the way the word sounded in her head. I am an ephemeral. It made her feel like something passing and precious.”
– Pamela Todd, The Blind Faith Hotel

lily pad_greenhouse_wm

For all the dear people that left us too soon.

67 Comments on “Ephemeral

    • Hello Tobias. I was thinking about you yesterday while I was planning future challenges. Are we still on for June with Perspective and Anti-Perspective?


        • I’m sorry Tobias. You are right. It’s May 3
          🙂 . When you have time, send me the text and photos, and a photo of you I can publish.


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  3. Paula, he visto que al pinchar en el título de mi foto no se subraya ni lleva a ninguna página. He debido hacer algo mal. Disculpa que te moleste por ello.


  4. Beautiful and perfect timing. Today is the 4th anniversary of my Mom’s death. It was a very spiritual ending of a life and I feel that she is still with me most of the time. Purple was her favorite color.


  5. I looked forward to coming here this morning to see what you’d posted and you don’t disappoint, Paula. 🙂 I love this song and the photo is exquisite. The word ephemeral is such an evocative one. I love it too. 🙂
    What did the doctor have to say? And are you in Portugal next month? There’s no gap in your Thursday’s Specials. Hugs!


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