Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past 01

In the area of 49,000 square kilometres at the historic crossroads of cultures, religions and conquerors Slovakia boasts more than 300 old castles and ruins. The castle in the photo bears the name Hrad Beckov and stands proudly on the Beckov cliff on the road that runs from Bratislava to High Tatra mountains. Many legends are told about the place, but nobody really knows who its first owners were. The fact we do know is that it was built to protect the borders of the Kingdom of Hungary and that it dates to the middle of the 13th century. In the 14th century Sigismund, the King of Hungary, gave the castle to Stibor of Stiboricz, a Lord of Polish descent. Stibor owned 31 castles, but he was particularly attached to this one. He took special care of it and rebuilt it in the Gothic style. A few years later Sigismund made Stibor the Duke of Transylvania (now in Romania), and the owner of Bran Castle aka the Dracula’s Castle.



This is the first in the series of posts themed “Traces of the past”. I will publish photos of structures belonging to different periods and countries. You are invited to join me and to interpret the theme as freely as you want. This challenge will appear again in June, and every other month after that. Waiting for your entries I wish you a glorious Thursday…



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85 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past 01

  1. What a lovely mix of shapes and colours and good story and music too. How many boxes are there to tick? You must tick them all. My traces of the past this week have been in ancient rainforest in northern Australia.


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  5. Dracula’s castle. Love the history. These castles sitting on top of rocks are so striking and such a stark contrast to the colourful church steeple below. I enjoy hearing music that normally I wouldn’t hear but this one I think I need a translation for.


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  7. This is such an interesting challenge, Paula. And your photo – what a juxtaposition. Definitely a case of the past dominating the present. And now I’m wondering what hidden stories that castle has 🙂


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  9. Great idea Paula, and beautiful sight.
    Not sure I have a photo for that. Let me think. I’m running out of grey cells lately because of the writing 101 course! lol


  10. the castle is fascinating, and the colored church really highlights the darker color of the stone the castle is comprised of…
    also, enjoyed the song even without knowing most of the words – ❤ and did not know dracual's castle was owned by good ol' "Stibor the Duke"


    • 😀 I am so happy you lent your ear too. You said you did not understand most of the words. I am impressed that you understood a single word :D. The title of the song is Vyvoda which is Duke. A funny trivia – this king that gave the castle to Stibor was the same king that granted nobility to one of my ancestors in the 14th century.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. This looks like a castle I flew over while deployed to Bosnia. I am not sure where exactly we were flying so could it be??? I will dig up the pictures and find out. Now, I HAVE to know. Hopefully, I can put together a post for this:)


      • Let’s hope I can come up with something, lol. It may be late because I am hosting a girls weekend that has a full schedule of: kayaking, paddle board yoga, movies, live music, my daughter’s sorority family day, and some picture taking at a canyon! I might be tired after all of that, but hey, seize the days we get right?


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  13. Good theme, and there are certainly plenty of ruins for you to ‘get your teeth into’. 🙂 I’ll join you when I’m able, Paula 🙂


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  17. Yes, this is the quintessential medieval epic look of a castle. It looks so good embedded into that hill, and so dark.


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