Black & White Sunday: Windows

Here is the Black and White Sunday photo challenge again. This time the theme is windows. Remember: windows mean opportunities and choices. They can be closed or open…  Have fun exploring the subject and leave me links to your black and white posts of windows. Happy Sunday and a great week ahead!






Check out the fantastic entries from my blogger friends. Click on the titles bellow. 

Windows by Ese

Windows by Brenda

Windows by Marilyn Armstrong

Window Peeping by Travel with Intent

Windows by Lynne Ayers 

Windows by Susan Judd

Window by Colline

Window by Klara

Windows from Mostly Monochrome

Windows by Middleton Road

Windows by the Jagged Man

53 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Windows

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    • Thank you for this intriguing perfect shot Ese. As usual I loved the quote. I’m well, just busy after my summer break. Hope you are doing fine too. Hugs!


    • That’s so nice to hear Uday. I hope you are right, cause it is a huge compliment. I hope you that things are still great for you…



    • Thank you for Shakespeare and this soft light you brought to my post. I hope you are doing well, Marilyn. I’m catching my breath since my holiday 😉


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    • I’m happy you like my old photo 🙂 The view you’ve captured is very interesting Debbie. I truly appreciate it 🙂


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    • That’s a fantastic piece of street art with incorporated windows. I love the way how you’ve captured it, Lynne, with that passing human figure. Thank you for your entry!


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  6. He’s got his eye on you! No privacy when you’re married to a blogger 🙂 I like the track too. A happy week to you, too, Paula! I have the feeling this is going to be a good one.


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    • That it was 🙂 Thank you for a peek through a shop window. I hope that your summer break was great even though it was a short one.


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