Black & White Sunday: Artificial Light

The theme of today’s black and white photo challenge is artificial light. You have a week to respond.


Keep it burning

I will be very busy next week, so there will be no challenges, and I will not be challenging you on Christmas or New Year’s Day which means that the next Black and White Sunday is in 2017.

I will keep you posted on future events on Scheduled challenges page.


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Black & White Sunday: Abstract

I love abstracts. I don’t know how you feel about it, but abstracts are everywhere and can be seen in everything. Would you play with me today and show me some abstracts of your own?


crazy pattern_MANJI CROP



I am not going to tell you what this is, but if you are really dying to know: look for the post titled “unusual” (There is a search bar on the right). This is Black&White Sunday photo challenge (in my case with a touch of colour too 😉 ) and you are invited to post your photos and link to this post. Happy Sunday and the week ahead!




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Black & White Sunday: Windows

Here is the Black and White Sunday photo challenge again. This time the theme is windows. Remember: windows mean opportunities and choices. They can be closed or open…  Have fun exploring the subject and leave me links to your black and white posts of windows. Happy Sunday and a great week ahead!






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Windows by Ese

Windows by Brenda

Windows by Marilyn Armstrong

Window Peeping by Travel with Intent

Windows by Lynne Ayers 

Windows by Susan Judd

Window by Colline

Window by Klara

Windows from Mostly Monochrome

Windows by Middleton Road

Windows by the Jagged Man

Black and White Sunday: A Statue


Aristide Maillol, Nuit (1909)

Aristide Maillol, Nuit (1909)

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Reverie in Black & White

A couple of weeks ago I incindentally started posting black & white photos on Sundays. Now, I have decided to make it a habit and here it is – a scene from my all time favourite mountain lake Braies (in Dolomites).

Hope you will like Einaudi’s piece Reverie too.



Thursday’s Special: Sparkling Beauty



This memory takes me back to the gardens of Villa Melzi in Bellagio, Italy. It was the first time I had opportunity to take a photo of a shining diamond 🙂

I dedicate this post to Johanna that you may know as Restless Jo. She is a diamond, but not in the rough 😉

**About Thursday’s Special: It is a ‘non-challenge’ challenge that appeals to bloggers eager to wake up their creativity and show their own ideas and interpretation of the world. I invite everybody interested to join in. There are no themes, titles and techniques set for your expression, there are no limits and restrictions (no red tape whatsoever). The only thing required is to post a photo post on Thursdays entitled “Thursday’s Special: (your theme/title)” (as explained in my Thursday’s Special introductory post), to provide a link to my Thursday’s Special post, and to leave a link to your post in the comments section of my post. If you like Thursday’s Special widget, feel free to grab it and post it on your blog.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: SOLITARY

Do you know where you are?         

Are you where you want to be?