Weekly Photo Challenge: SOLITARY

Do you know where you are?         

Are you where you want to be?


45 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: SOLITARY

    • Yes, it is alone, maybe lonely, maybe self-sufficient :S, but it seems resilient and strong enough and stands out from the crowd 😉 Thank you “Sweetie” x


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    • I guess we’ll never know 😉 At the time, I saw it as a solitary character wanting to stand out and not desperate to be one in the crowd 😀


  2. A solitary tree… but still connected through its roots, delving deep into the earth. Beautiful photo, Paula, I like the black and white.
    Solitude is not a bad thing, as long as you can chose it. I love and need to be alone on regular basis.


    • Thank you Mar 🙂 Have you read my “Isolation” post from May … it features a great quote by Fernando Pessoa. If not yet, I would like you to read it … and to share your opinion with me. I am like you in this respect, *hugs*


    • Thank you Amy for always making me smile with your comments 🙂 Thank you for liking my tree 🙂 and my self-portrait 😉


  3. Very nice! A tree demonstrating the peaceful, mindful and powerful strength of solitude.
    I love Alan Parsons Project. Thank you.
    Enjoy your weekend.


    • You love Alan Parsons Project too 🙂 How cool is that!
      Yes, I also found this tree strong and not lonely 😉
      Thank you very much Dina. A nice weekend to you!


  4. Paula your questions – “Do you know where you are? and Are you where you want to be?”are indeed reflective! The answer to me for both would be ~ “If I know who I am” !
    There is something special in that photo! 🙂



    • This is a very good answer Dilip :). Thank you. The tree seemed special to me. I did not think my colour shot hade done it justice (at least not to the impression it left on me at the time), so I played with it a bit in post-processsing 😉 Bless you!


  5. To answer your both questions like a physicist (which I’m not). It all depends on your point of view. I saw this tree from the other side and it was a small tree at forest edge right where it belonged.

    To be depressing:
    As I’m unable to determine where am I.
    I’m unable to decide if I’m where I want to be.

    To be realistic:
    We are all knee deep in s**t
    We all would much rather be standing on solid ground

    It is all hidden in our point of view turn around, life may be different if you look at it from different angle. Life isn’t just a B&W photo.


    • Nope, as it consists of many shades of gray as in this picture. Your arguments are solid, but you have mixed up realistic and depressing points of view…. shouldn’t “sh1t” argument be called depressing, and your depressing a realistic one?


  6. I am sure you understand exactly what you ask and answer. Both are questions of philosophy. I’ll answer them, if I am wrong, please. tell me the correct the answer, Paula …. 🙂

    Do you know where you are? Yes, I know…

    Are you where you want to be? No, I am not!. I am sure you understand exactly what you ask and the answer. Both are questions of philosophy. I’ll answer them, if I am wrong, please tell me the correct answer …. 🙂

    I do not want to be in place and my current condition. If I were given the opportunity to live a second time, I do not want to be in a place and in a condition like this … 🙂


    • 😀 Excellent answer CG :), and absolutely true! Thank you for approving of my entry 😉 Hope you’ll have a great week!


      • Thanks the same Paula. We have already started our journey towards Friday: in two days it’s Friday the day after tomorrow already, and tomorrow it’s only one day till it’s Friday the day after tomorrow.
        There’s still hope! 😀


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