Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures (Retrospective)

I wasn’t sure about posting old pics, but then it dawned on me that you might have missed some of them. So, here is my photographic retrospective of 2012.

May 2013 be a better one for all of us!

Listen to Deja vu track ….

Weekly Photo Challenge: SURPRISE

I’ve ruined my Christmas surprise and already unwrapped my presents :O.

This is not my Christmas card. I’ll wish you a Merry Xmas with a proper tree on the 25th. This is just a preview 🙂

Listen to Lennon….


Weekly Photo Challenge: REFLECTIONS

I guess I should tell you how this picture happened. Well, I’ll only say that it was taken on a lake and that the person in picture wasn’t aware he was being photographed, nor was I that I was taking my self-portrait 😀  I dedicate the attached music to myself. Please listen to Lady of the Lake 😉


Weekly Photo Challenge: RENEWAL

I’ve been told that fungi are crucial to forest renewal.

Here are some tiny ones freshly washed in the morning rain.

I want to let the rain come down
Make a brand new ground
Let the rain come down
Let the rain come down
Make a brand new ground
Let the rain come down

Click for a listen  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry …. in the Ancient World

Almost 2,000 years ago the ancient seaside city of Pompeii, nestled at the bottom of the deadly Vesuvius got buried beneath a mountain of volcanic ash following a fierce volcano eruption. Nearly three thousand people lost their lives, and the city remained hidden for 1,700 years.

Today one of the largest and best preserved archaeological sites in the world, Pompeii will take you back into the past showing you the remnants of Roman civilization by providing a fascinating picture of “daily” life.

The following photo shows Palestra Grande, an athletics field where gladiators and athletes practiced before competing in the adjacent amphitheatre.

I think you will see why I picked this precise shot for geometry theme. The geometry of columns and trees in the frame is what had caught my eye.

As usual I am enclosing a musical treat: Erik Satie’s Gymnopédie  …… 

***Gymnopédie is the French form of “gymnopaidiai”, an annual festival in Ancient Sparta where naked youths (athletes in Ancient Greece were always naked) performed athletic dances.

Weekly Photo Challenge: FOREIGN

“Foreign. While foreign (rightly so) often brings up images of things outside of your own nation, it can also apply to things outside of or different from your normal environment, or even something which is out of place in general. (Sara Rosso)

When I saw this beautiful statue in a cafe bar in Zagreb, I thought it was completely out of place.



Weekly Photo Challenge: SILHOUETTE

For this occasion I am attaching an old photo that may not be perfect, but I am fond of the view, and I look at it often. And here is the music to go with it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: MINE

What follows is my response to the challenge described in the following lines:

Mine. Is there a place, object, or view that’s entirely yours, or you’re a bit selfish or possessive about? Is it a feeling you feel when you look at the photo, or perhaps an unwillingness to share? I get rather possessive about that first cup of coffee in the morning. It’s definitely mine and I want it all to myself. 

Share a picture that means MINE to you!” (Sara Rosso)

I feel so possessive of my view that night in Valetta, Malta that I won’t even share it with you. You only get to see a twinkle in my eye, cause the view is all mine, mine…..

 Sing with me 


Weekly Photo Challenge: SOLITARY

Do you know where you are?         

Are you where you want to be?


Weekly Photo Challenge: EVERYDAY LIFE

Come on, come out
The weather is warm… 

Watching the sky
Watching a painting coming to life
Shifting and shaping
Staying inside
It all goes it all goes by

Stopping the time
Rushing, waiting
Leave it behind
Shifting and shaping
Keep it inside
It all goes it all goes it all goes by
It all goes passing by
It all goes passing by

– A Fine Frenzy, Come on, Come out (One Cell in the Sea)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you …. my street 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: NEAR and FAR

This was taken one windy summer day in July 2010, just above Val Venosta during our 10-hour drive to Lago di Resia just to see its famous church tower submerged in water. You’ll get to see the tower on some other occasion, for now it is just windy plains, mountains and floating clouds.

Here is some music to go with it 03 – Drifting away (Paradiso Mix)