Thursday’s Special: Minuscule

Minuscule is today’s photo theme, minuscule like for example condensed moisture drops on a water of bottle (ooops I meant a bottle of water)






Click on the titles bellow to see the participants’ entries:

Minuscule by Ese

 Minuscule by Debbie

 Minuscule by Pommepal

Minuscule by Tish Farrell

Minuscule by Klara

Minuscule by Art is Horseshit

Minuscule by Irene Waters

Minuscule by Sue Judd

Minuscule by Lor

Minuscule by the Jagged Man

Minuscule by Tobias

Minuscule by Brenda

Minuscule by Anna Biancardi

74 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Minuscule

  1. What a fascinating image it presents! I can see tiny men running around inside the bubbles (and the water sound effects are strangely wonderful 🙂 ) Got to fly! Easyjet at 8.30 🙂 Have a good weekend!


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    • This is one of the best photos I have seen on your blog Ese (and on WordPress in general) Thank you so much for your participation. Have a great weekend!


      • Wow, Paula…speechless! Thank you very much – that really does mean a lot – especially, coming from the photographer like you.
        It is always a true pleasure to be a part of your challenges. Looking forward the next ones! 🙂
        I hope you will have enough free time in the few upcoming days to forget about the piles of work. Hugs


  5. Oh this is fascinating, Paula – the combination of your image and soundtrack. I like the way your are urging us to sharpen our focus, and see things anew.


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  11. The beauty is in the detail. A very interesting photo, Paula. At first I thought this was B&W, but then I looked closer. I hope you’ve been well.


  12. I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted a comment here…..It said: “as always , Paula , you’re great”…..
    I’ve just posted my contribution , thanks for all!


  13. The music is perfect for the pic. Silly me, I first thought you were looking down at a street made of cobblestones. Okay, I worked all day and I’m tired! 😛 LOL!


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  17. Thanks for this challenge, Paula – and that’s what it really was: Two ideas came to mind, one of them did not yet pan out (I was not in the right place at the right time for the right light), but the other one can be seen here: How many people walk past those fancy little compositions without noticing, I wonder. By the same token, I think for most passers-by I was just photographing walls. I am looking forward for the next challenges (“deconstruction”, in particular). Have a nice Sunday!


    • Thank you, Tobias. I’m glad that you liked the challenge. Deconstruction will be on for sure, but I don’t know when exactly – maybe close to the end of year.


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