Thursday’s Special: Creative Intervention

Shooting an amazing piece of creation in most unlikely places, or making a creation of your own and capturing it by camera; possibilities are countless.

Have you recently seen something that changed the original aspect of a place/thing. Was it a pleasing creation or unsightly one?

I was happy I’d turned into that alleyway when I saw the DJ Cat.   (click on the bellow tune)




I hope you’ll have fun joining Thursday’s Special photo challenge after a long break.  For the forthcoming themes this month please consult Scheduled Challenges page.





Check out the participants’ contributions by clicking on the titles bellow:


Lambton Quay


Canticle of the creatures

Creative intervention rescues a ruin

Umjetnička intervencija

Nature-inspired creativity

Rock’n roll



58 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Creative Intervention

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    • Smashing find and captures, Debbie. Slovenia is one of my favourite destinations too 🙂 I hope you’ll get there soon.


    • Oh my, you should make a living writing articles like this (though I did not forget about your young adult fiction). This is another post that makes me wonder and wander far back into the past. Thank you!

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  5. Hi Paula. Looks like a good challenge. Just lettingyouknow I am not blogging at present so please don’ t mind if I don’t join in. Good luck with itthough.


  6. Yay! 🙂 🙂 You’re back! I just arrived home this evening and it was on my ‘list’ to ask you for a progress report so I’m delighted to find you here. You’ll have to excuse me for a week or two because I’m off to Nottingham on Monday. Just time to send you a hug first.


    • Thank you kindly John. I am confident I will recover completely. It’s so nice of you to care and inquire. Thank you very much for your beautiful post today. It was difficult to decide which of the two photos to display here. Finally I chose the photo of the sculpture cause it is in colour. 🙂

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      • I wanted to post a Mallard I had turned into a painting but it didn’t match the hummingbird angle I was working….also until you said it forgot it did not go with the challenges color theme. Welcome to my brain….


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    • Somehow I find it hard to believe that you needed my interpretation to get an idea :D. I love your precision and accuracy Tobias. Sometimes I wonder what do you for a living. Are you an architect?


      • The idea was already there, all right. But what started out as an exercise in composition is now gaining depth, and for that, your impulse is more than welcome. In other words: I read your description and thought, hell, that’s what I did when I made the “Litfaß” pictures.

        As for the precision, I do not know. There are architects in my family – but I studied Literature and Philosophy (well the latter is the most exact science there is, right?)


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