Black & White Sunday: What will make you happy? (response to Guest challenge)

My friend Debbie asked me what would make me happy, so here is the answer:




Discovering new lands in the company of the loved one would do it, and I hope that this summer my knees will allow me to do that again.



This is my response to the Guest Photo Challenge hosted by Debbie Smyth, a third time guest challenger here and a talented photographer that always finds a way to bring us excellent photography from her travels and never fails to make us smile.

Please join us for this happy challenge. More details on further events here.



Here are the entries to Debbie’s challenge:

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First snow

35 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: What will make you happy? (response to Guest challenge)

  1. Exploring with a loved one is a great happiness inducer. And that is a gorgeous image Paula
    I hope your knees will join in the fun. Whilst my knees might do the job shown in your shot, my head wouldn’t – I can’t stand heights!


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  3. Couldn’t agree more! about the knees needing to be fixed and in good shape, and most of all, to spend that happy moment with the loved one. Nothing better, really!
    Cheers to that, Paula!


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  5. It’s a nice photo, but personally I’m not a big fan of selective colors (I prefer either B&W, monochrome or colors).
    I’m assuming that’s hubby taking a photo that we see there?


    • I’m not sure I’ll be able to continue blogging to the extent I have planned to. My health problems have gone worse and are not limited to “just knees” which practically had me immobile for 5 months, but now I am struggling with my arm too, to be able to finish all the translations and keep my job, so I don’t know how I will be able to continue blogging, posting and visiting other blogs, and especially when there is so little to look forward too.


    • Thank you, Jo. I honestly appreciate it. My work has become even more demanding, my arm is suffering in addition to my legs and I don’t know what to do. I can hardly sleep a few hours from exhaustion and much less think about effing blogging.


      • Thank you, Jo, and I won’t cause I can’t afford it now, but I have commitments and I am a person that keeps promises. My life is difficult now, and it is not something I share online, and receiving stupid comments just flips over the edge, Can’t – won’t do it.

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  6. Love this dramatic shot, Paula. I shall make wishes for your knees too. Hugs. Btw – have been have lots of internet problems, so that’s why I’ve not been participating in your challenges. I think they’re resolved now.


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