Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past Y2-01

Every time I take a trip no matter how far or close to my home it takes me, I look for traces of the past.

When I pick a destination on the Google map, I am not usually searching for the newest wonder of modern architecture, or high-end hotels and restaurants, but places with charm, indicative of what living used to be.

You will see a number of castles, and even a greater number of ruins on this blog; presented primarily for the Traces of the Past photo challenge (which is a permanent – once in two months’ event incorporated in Thursday’s Special challenge).

While traveling through Slovakia two summers ago, we made a short trip to Poland where I had just enough time to take a few shots of a couple of castles.

A threatening storm made me leave Czorstyn lake in a hurry, but  here is one more gem of a castle for my traces of the past photography collection.


(you won’t regret if you click on the music button)


If you are interested to learn about the history of Niedzica castle and to see what it looks like on the inside, I suggest you pay Restless Jo a visit.

Now, if you like looking into the past with your camera (it does not have to be architecture; it can be some memorabilia, your childhood memories, or even scans of your family photos, and don’t forget that nature is full of traces of the past too), you are more than welcome to join this challenge. Happy Thursday!


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77 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past Y2-01

  1. Thank you so much, sweetheart! I see what you meant now. 🙂 Yes, that’s the way I look to travel too. Such a beautiful area and I love your shot. I’m back in Poland for 2 weeks in April and hope to manage a little time on my own to explore. Hug, Paula. 🙂 You’re a star!


    • Thank YOU, Jo. This time I don’t have to bother telling stories about the castle when I have you and your terrific post. 🙂 I appreciate your visit a lot. Hugs


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  3. The biggest problem with America’s past is its brevity. The oldest things date to the 1700s, occasionally slightly earlier. But I will look to see what I can find.


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  10. Hi Paula, love the castle – and you castle collection. My entry is from the archives for a change, featuring something from Nice and other parts of southern France. Cheers!


  11. A lovely shot, mistress of skies! The image makes me eager for Poland, and more able to leave my beach.Thank you.


    • And I was hoping you would see it, and that it would make you more excited about going there again :D. Thank you, Meg. I am glad the dark skies don’t scare you off.


      • I’m eager to go now. Chaos on the household front – everything seems to be malfunctioning so 25 hours in transit sounds peaceful. The tag for my Warsaw blog is “with all my heart” so my attitude is changing. Thanks for thinking of me.


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  14. Great sky to go with that castle. When taking similar shots I always hope for gloomy skies because it seems so suited to the subject. And I’m with you on the old(er), the charming, the quaint. It’s what we most enjoy in our travels as well. Often times we may not know exactly what we are looking at 🙂 but then we come home and research it and learn.


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