Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past Y2-03

Looking at the romantic skyline of the Renaissance Mantua, a square building with four angular towers draws my eye and takes me on an imaginary tour of a 15th century Lombard duchy when art was a commodity available to the privileged few, but when it ranked fairly high in the general order of things. A hard act to follow in today’s Europe, won’t you agree?


castello s giorgio bakreni-1BezBova (1)_potpis



jupiter najnajnoviji


P.S. For newbies – if you are interested in participating in Thursday’s Special photo challenge, you should publish a post with a photo (or several photos) having in mind the given theme (in this case anything related to the past either near or distant), link that post to this one and leave me a note in the comments section. 

Note: I am happy to announce that we have the winner of the poll for the “Best glow entry”. It is Lena.  Last week there was no voting for the best entry considering multiple theme choices, but for this challenge I will introduce it again. Leave me the links to your entries by next Wednesday, please and have fun compiling your “past” post!

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53 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past Y2-03

  1. Bonne nuit Paula en France,
    Un tel château dit de la Renaissance Italienne ressemble bien fort à un château fort. Un très bel exemple d’architecture photographique déjà éclairé et pris sous un coucher de soleil ?
    Un témoin du passé effectivement. J’adore l’architecture, les pierre. Tout cela n’est à regarder qu’avec beaucoup de plaisir et une belle découverte. 🙂


  2. A wonderful evening colour scheme, and you the mistress of light, sky and reflections.

    Y2-03??? I suspect I’m missing something very obvious!


  3. We were only talking of the importance of art in the past and that art work was valued highly enough that a living could be made from it and it was classified as a profession. These days most artists probably need to hold a regular job and arts funding by the government is being whittled away in chuncks (in Australia at least.) Love your capture of the castle. Flood lighting making them a very mellow yellow makes the castle seem even more romantic than under normal lighting. As we don’t have castles I have to say I find they all take me back in time. I am not taking you back so far in time this traces past as Australia, although geologically ancient, does not have as much photographical old history.

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  4. I am so glad that Europe still sees art as a cultural necessity more than the western hemisphere which treats it more as either an frivolity or a commodity.


  5. The sky and the water make the view of this wonderful building so beautiful. I love those towers. Your choice of music a perfect companion Paula. Just loved it. Have a good day. Hope to participate later- work is a bit overwhelming at the moment-taking up so much of my time in hours and mental fatigue.


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