Thursday’s Special: Mirroring

Mirrors do not always show the true state of things, do they?




I don’t think you should have problems coming up with a photo for this theme. You may post it any time by next Tuesday, 30th June noon (CET), however this time there will be no voting for the best entry due to my approaching holiday. Leave links to your posts in the comment section and link to this post, and please if you haven’t done so, don’t forget to vote for the best “here and there” entry.

Happy Thursday!


jupiter najnajnoviji



I would like to thank all participants in this challenge. Here are the links to their posts:

87 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Mirroring

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  7. Oh brilliant . . really love this. Thought I’d send a few hugs too as sounds as though you might need one or two at the moment x


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  10. I think I might have something for you this week Paula. It will have to be later as I need to take some garden rubbish to the tip, but I will be back.

    As for the comment re missing a post, I wouldn’t beat yourself up over it. It is very easy to miss a link or pingback especially as posts can be spread over a week. I have problems with my challenge (garden) and often have to play catch up. I decided after last year and the bench challenge NOT to create my own links, but let people browse through the comments if they so wish. I only presented half a dozen links on the bench as it would have taken me SO much time to list them all (I really don’t know how Jo does it). I’m surprised that someone complained. After all it is only a bit of fun and surely we post for ourselves more than being in a challenge? Deep breath Paula and keep smiling πŸ™‚
    Jude xx


    • Thank you, Jude. We are very different you and I – I am very sensitive, but I don’t mind that the lady complained – I felt shitty for not seeing it; still the way how she presented the issue was a direct attack and it is someone I was very kind and benevolent to. It hurts. I appreciate your support. That should be that, to post for oneself, but people invest different interests into blogging. For me it is just what I wrote in my about page – exploring the world and connecting, with no hidden agenda or pursuit of success commercial or otherwise. For me it is more important to have a smiling face and to know that I am not misunderstood than zillion comments or likes or stars. Thank you again.


      • I do feel guilty if I miss a link to my challenge, but it happens. Life happens, and blogging sometimes has to take a backseat – it’s not as though either of us is doing it for commercial reasons. Nobody’s perfect.

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  11. That is a wonderful reflection, Paula and not one I would have thought about. I always have the mirroring effects of flat water in my head when thinking about reflections… Sorry to read about the attack of another blogger. I have found that when you are “out there”, sharing opinions (or running a business in our case), you have to have thick skin. When you are sensitive and taking things personally, because you are trying to be nice and make everybody happy, it stings even more… When people are mean and attack (or blame or misrepresent or lie), I always hope karma will take care of it. Not that I believe in fate any other time! πŸ™‚


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      • No. Your posts are sent directly to my mail. I spend very little time on the reader. I prefer to receive my preferred blogs (that is you and a handful of others) directly to my mail. Pourquoi?


        • I’m honoured. Many people check out posts through the reader and fail to see the whole text (post). I changed the theme, and many did not notice, so it made me wonder. Bjs

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          • I prefer to have (very few) selected blogs sent directly to my mail. And of course you are on top of the list. πŸ™‚ The reader… I tend to get lost. Or, to miss posts from important friends. I just got back from San Francisco and checked your blog. I love the new theme. (wasn’t there last time I looked) the new theme really “met tes photos en valeur.” In particular your pix are larger than before and it enhances them. (Love the duck!) πŸ™‚


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