Black & White Sunday: Always there

When I was thinking about a theme for today’s challenge my first idea was “iconic” (as in iconic view of a place), but then it occurred to me that it could be a bit too challenging, so finally I decided on “always there” as it can give everybody a chance to come up with a fitting photo.

Thank you for playing again. Peace to you all.


pogled stross-1_scaled_pot



P.S. For those who are not yet familiar with the rules of this challenge, they are quite simple. Make a post containing one or several photos in B&W, leave a link to your post in the comment section below and make sure to provide a link to this challenge in your post. ย More about future events here.

54 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Always there

  1. I love the clouds. They add a airy perspective to that stunning townscape and indeed suggest this scene will be always be here in the future.


    • As I hinted in my intro above this is an iconic view that hasn’t changed since I was little. I can’t see future, but I am in favour of believing in constants and solidity and cannot look at everything as being decayed or eroded, not that I am defending my views which do not need to be defended.

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    • Thank you dear Sue, and thank you for your wishes. I am trying to finish everything before our trip next Wednesday, but it is not going as it should. Both hubby and I are having health issues.


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  11. Always there? Hopefully for (almost) ever. A nice shot. les clochers m’ont parus intรฉressants. On retrouve des ressemblances avec d’autres architectures. Merci aussi pour la musique. Est-ce que tu joues du piano?


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