Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past Y2-05

grazie church-1_potpis_scaled

Santuario della Beata Vergine Maria delle Grazie; Curtatone


“Traces of the Past” is a recurring photo challenge theme on this blog (one month in colour, other in B&W). You don’t have to look far into the past for it. People from “old” continents do not have to have advantage over bloggers from the North American continent. I mostly post old architecture for this event, but please feel free to post anything from the past: be it old letters, chest box, costumes, or something from a recent past, or something that is not man-made at all.  

If you want to participate in Thursday’s Special challenge, link to this post and leave me links to your entries in the comment section bellow. Yesterday I started a poll where you can vote for your favourite “seascape” entry. The poll will be opened till next Wednesday, 24 August. For further themes and events please consult the Scheduled challenges page. Have a happy and peaceful Thursday!

 jupiter najnajnoviji

P.S. For those that need to be reminded of the rules:

I will not enclose links to the entries that are linked to several challenges. (Some people, however, have posts with multiple photos which they intend for several events, and that is fine as long as different photos are used for different challenges).

The idea of contest polls was conceived to enhance interaction between photo bloggers and to present their work, but if you don’t want your entry to be entered in such a poll, make sure to let me know (if possible without attacking me). 

I will make sure to ban the visitors that do not come in peace, but come attacking, making false assumptions and accusations against me.  

P.S.S. As of last week and after three years of absence the “like” button on this blog has been restored. When I removed it years ago, I thought that the lack of the said button (which I originally considered as a shallow interaction option and a lure for people to return “traffic” on others’ blogs) would encourage  people to  leave meaningful comments and incite interesting discussions. However, I have noticed that commenting is time consuming for many people who are still interested in keeping track of others’ posts, and that sometimes those bloggers that do have time to comment, use the commenting option to extend conversations to personal stuff and topics completely unrelated to posts which is not what I have expected from them. This has made me rethink the idea of the “like” button so I have reinstated it to allow people that don’t have time or a need to talk to let me know that they have been here.

Thank you for reading me.


I am glad to present links to bloggers’ contributions for this challenge:


73 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Traces of the Past Y2-05

      • and by the way – I read the note about not linking to your challenges with long posts and other challenges – I know I am very guilty of doing that – so the next time I join in I will do a single post! right now I have been doing the one long “mega post” for my own ease ((helps me keep track of finding photos with fewer posts)) but sometimes the mega post gets too long too – hmmm – I guess for me I have different blog modes – and I actually miss the charm of my first year – but do enjoy it — anyhow – in the future I will make the extra post and link it better – hope you have a good weekend P!


        • Yvette, it is not what I wrote. I allow long posts. Look at Jo’s. I don’t want people to link one entry to several challenges. I like single photo posts personally, but do not have problems with multiple pics. The problem arises when several photos are submitted and I have to pick one for the poll. Yesterday a woman attacked me very viciously cause of poll and I never linked to her stuff. She was so mean about that warning me never to include her pics in polls. I was on the edge of closing my blog. It is the secon attack in three weeks. The other one accused me of not linking to her post which I did. When I said I did she said – you didn’t reply to my comment on your blog the same day. There are some insane people around here and I will ban them to keep my health.

          Liked by 1 person

          • oh I am so sorry to hear this P! not fair and I am glad you did not close up shop! it reminds me of the social politics and social mess that really can wound! and sorry to hear it has touched to your classy blog!
            but I once heard that sometimes this is a sign we are doing “good things” in the world – a very good sign – and again – I am so


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  6. Beautiful photo- the perspective looking up the hill, the sunset. This post did not show up in my reader though- WordPress drives me crazy sometimes! It’s just not Thursday if I son’t see Thursday’s Special! Will return with my trace of the past…


    • WP conspiracy :D. Lisa, when you have a minute, listen to the tune. I know how much you enjoy good music :). I’ll be waiting for your post.


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    • There are places in Italy that can be compared to Istria. I love Istria and have a few posts from there too 🙂 Happy Sunday, Klara!


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    • Thank you so much for the post, Suzanne. I don’t know your opinion about the voting polls for challenge, but I need your permission before I include one of your photos in it. Let me know, please?


    • Suzanne, it is a great entry. There is nothing older than the Earth and watching it dissipate is both thrilling and tragic. I appreciate your different view of things and am very proud of you for taking matters into your own hands and helping it restore a bit.


  15. Personally I’m not really into making blogging into a competition. I didn’t realise that being in a competition was part of this challenge. For that reason I will not do any more of your challenges. Sorry to muck you round. I apologise for not reading the rules properly before submitting my entry.


    • It’s OK, Suzanne. I only introduced it for TS, not for Black and White Sunday, and the participants agreed to it. I have included your link in the challenge, but will not enter it into the poll as you wished.


      • Thanks Paula. Sorry to be difficult but there are so many competitive areas in my life at present I am trying to establish areas of endeavour that do not have a competitive element.


        • No need to appologise at all, Suzanne and you will not be the only one to have a link but not be included in the poll, it happens sometimes with late submissions too. I understand you completely.

          Liked by 1 person

  16. Sorry again – I should also have said – please delete my link if you feel my contribution is not in line with your rules.


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